So it was a busy busy summer in the centro storico of Guardia Sanframondi!


Instead of the silent Via Dietro Gli Orti, with only occasional yowling of cats, twittering of birds, water cascading and regular intermittent yelling from neighbours, there were hoards of people outside of my door, and filling the street, and the gardens!


_DSC1606 Though I was stretched, doing a lot of hands-on stuff for my own installation and pop-up shop, and supporting my guests, and messing about with the DIY on the arthouse, and getting ready for Scotland… etc… never-the-less I was sufficiently lucid to see that we’d created something pretty damn special.

 _DSC3189 - Version 2Alongside the stupendous Helena Wadsley, I helped host the Terra Vivente Art Studio: two months of art residency, with tremendously sweet and engaged folks from as far away as Australia and India… It was truly a whole load more splendid that we could have imagined when we first chatted about it!


_DSC1520    Multifarious ad hoc get-togethers, improvised dinners and parties, had us all bonding like we were family. Real meetings of minds, in an atmosphere of sharing, deepening, being creative and true. It was all ever-so-slightly chaotic, but the one thing which stood out, was the universal praise for the GOOD VIBE- everyone felt it was tangible, and left with shining eyes and wide smiles. I personally felt like, wow, I’m here- this is just how I hoped it could be.


10531322_10203195132574072_1024160144_nSome strong friendships were struck up, and a mass of new creative dialogue, both within the gates of the centro storico, and in regards to/ dialogue about the place. Slowly, slowly (piano, piano), a collective vision is coming together, of how such a place as Guardia might have a thriving alternative community: how this community might flourish and inspire, whilst simultaneously providing a magical haven for those needing respite from the madness of modern life…




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