Ho problemi col computer, quindi faro il traduzione domani o domenica- scusami! Ho un annuncio da fare presto, su una serie di libri!

Hey heyee! How are you all, this week?

I am having a serious creative outpouring season- though my computer has been acting up something chronic; it really isn’t able to keep up with the flow!

So sorry about the inferior blog- the glitches on my computer are making it all rather difficult!

I’ve been participating in a fabulously inspiring course these past few weeks, working on my core energy- it is shifting things on a profound level, and is really helping my creative projects alchemise!


It always amazes me, how even epic problems in our lives can be transformed completely and permanently, through bringing awareness back to our centres. Just breathing, and listening. It is so simple, and yet so life-changing, and yet, it is so easy to never do it!

I’m very glad to have invested in a course, which is making me take the small potent steps to be more present. As an artist, I find it very difficult to be creative if I am not in a quiet space internally. Doing this deep inner work is truly revving up my ability to get things to completion!

I’ll be making an announcement, hopefully within the week, about the first in a series of books I’m making- it’s not what I expected to come out in book format, but I am very pleased about it indeed- can’t wait to share it! I just want to check some research about print-to-order publishing channels, and to do some layout work- if my computer is up to it!

Loads of good wishes to you all, Clare

PS: get all the news before everyone else, via my Patreon pages!


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