photo credit Kat Tan

My trusty masterminding companions came riding into town early-birds Saturday morning, for an intense two days of sharing, nourishing, support and goal-setting at the arthouse.

We are three gorgeous, talented women from the Philippines, Italy and Scotland, via Rome and Guardia Sanframondi, who met via Marie Forleo’s B-School last year. We’ve been speaking weekly on Skype, and occasionally meeting in the flesh, get into the nitty-gritty of our successes and challenges.

Everyone does some kind of ‘masterminding’ in their life and work, even if we don’t call it that: be it an after work glass of vino with the girls, or a bothy trip up the coast with the lads; we get together with a small group of individuals, to thrash out all that’s going on in our lives, and to help each other find solutions.

Creating a dedicated masterminding group, however, can make the difference between just-chugging-along, and making regular quantum leaps in your life!

Having regular masterminding sessions is a means of really shifting blocks… and here are 5 key reasons why I feel it is vital for a happy, creative, balanced lifestyle:


photo credit Kat Tan

1.Perspective: there is only so much internal dialogue one can do; even if you are maestro in introspection, one small point from an objective viewer might just blow your mind

2. Biodiversity: hearing others’ stories, experience, challenges, dreams, can lift us out of any small-mindedness; being there for someone else, even in a small way, can change their life… It can give you even more purpose, humility and understanding about all of our brilliant uniqueness.

3. Recharging: our passion needs stimulation from the outside, no matter how autonomous we think we can be; in fact, the more self-sustaining we think we are, likely the more we need external stimulus! Sometimes a general dullness which has crept up on us slowly can be buffed to a shine by the enthusiastic presence of other human beings… especially by those with whom you are developing a deeper connection.


4. Mutually beneficial working links: extending our network even two-fold can double our contacts, resources and ideas; allowing others to brainstorm with us can bring us honed riches which we’d never have access to alone.

5. Entering the flow: we live in the age of the rising solopreneur; this brings with it a wealth of new challenges, not least of which is our inability to find our audience, ‘our people’. Sitting down methodically with a couple of other like-mindeds, helps us to see where we belong- how we fit into the whole; what our deepest purpose is. It’s easy ‘not to see the wood for the trees’ when we’re following a completely unique, possibly a pioneering path as an entrepreneur, so having others there can bring us back into the interconnectedness-of-all-things.


photo credit Bi Kunzli

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Kat and Bi, for their gracious presence in my life this week: it has lifted me out of a slightly funkful cul-de-sac, and given me crystal clear passionate clarity about my next steps – woohoo! – cannot wait for the next mastermind!


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Tante belle cose, Clare xx



  1. Dave Vagg says:

    Awesome stuff. Its so true and important, to be part of a cocommunity, where you can inspire, encourage, teach each other. Where others are not competition, rather like a family and where others (like myself reading this post) can see, witness all the good that comes from that.

    Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Catherine Tan says:

    Thank you for sharing your very meaningful and in depth weekend experiences and new enlightening points/ values. A lot of individuals who are into creative or challenging ventures need such “Creative Mastermind” experience and stay connected with constant support from the committed participants. I wish I have a small group like yours here–being in the same unwavering vibration and wavelength…(sorry, I don’t have a website…just connect with me through Kat..)


    • claregallowayartist says:

      Catherine, it is so good to read your response- many thanks indeed for writing! Yes- I am glad to be in touch, and go for it- every friendship begins with a stranger- we are reaching this beautiful depth of strength and trust together, only by having committed to meet all through the past year- I love where it is taking us! Good luck to you! xx


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