a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

Having had another über-stimulating couple of days with my wise masterminding women in Roma, I started the week off  i n s p i r e d . We had several long brain-storming/ sorting-the-world-out discussions, where we got a grip on what slows us down in our happy entrepreneur lives.


rooftop masterminding, with added beer, in roma

As I’ve mentioned previously many times, regular lengthy chat with like-minded intelligent people is vital to sustaining our energy, our enthusiasm, and our work pace.

Here are 5 hacks for busting out of a dull time, which our power-chats got me thinking on:


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

1. stop bitching If someone is not behaving how you want them to, just look at what you can do to avoid being entangled. Fill that space which you’re allowing them to occupy, with constructive thoughts about other things, rather than leaching your energies outwards by explaining how much they annoyed you. When you look back in 5 yrs, do you want to be resentful about how much people wasted your time back then, or do you want to be congratulating yourself on how well you dedicated yourself to the dream? Spending time focussed on the negative actually brings more of it into our lives.


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

2. stop worrying and start making a step-by-step plan for resolving any issues which are churning round and round: take time to think the issue through logically-rather-than-emotionally. Brainstorm solutions/ options, do some research if there’s an area you’re not expert in, and get on with working towards the fix.


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

3. tidy up clean out your fridge and cupboards, neaten your desk, organise your recycling… making a place for everything, and everything in its place, can save you literally hours per week. There are always ways in which we can make our time and space a little more efficient, and if we attend to it, this will bring us huge rewards long-term.


breakfast masterminding, with added soya-latte and croissants

4. take a break All research suggests that pacing ourselves e.g. by taking a nap in the middle of the day, makes us much more efficient than if we breinge ahead. Napping is like starting the day again fresh and aligned. Pressing ahead when we’re pooped or confused, well, it’s kind of martyristic…


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

5. focus on the goal! Do you actually have your goal clearly defined? Is it a high enough vision? Have you thought about it as you began work this week, today? We usually have our life purpose or vision in one of three places: completely hidden from view, put on the shelf, or sitting right in front of us. if it’s anywhere by directly in front of us, we need to move it: make a vision board, put up some inspiring quotes and images on your wall, talk about it, look at small ways in which you can align your work and purpose, keep on track!


getting on the train to rome- I adore seeing the mountains from this less-familiar angle
What do you think?
Do these tips resonate for you?
Do you have a tip to share?
Let us know in the comments below!
I’ll be talking about these subjects and much more, in my #livelikeahappyartist book series.
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tante belle cose, Clare xx

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