This time of the year – the harvest – is the most harmonious season.

It’s the part of the year where the masculine and feminine energies are most synchronised, and we in turn are in more harmony with the planet than usual: the intense masculine activity of harvesting, with the passive beauty and fullness of the fruits ripened; the logical science of processing the fruit for wine, hand-in-hand with the heartfelt sense of community in a shared goal; the still-hot sun burning the fields into their final phase, alongside the softness of the cooler-damper-darker mornings and evenings, holding the day as if in an embrace.


all images by the artist – of paintings with new homes this month

In this part of the world, in rural Italy, it’s the season where people seem most in-tune with the land and natural cycles. This harmony in turn reverberates into the town, and beyond: a sense of fullness, ripeness, completion.

The veils between the dimensions seem thinner too, as we’re able to see more tangibly the myriad links between ourselves and all that is around us.

Because there are less tangible boundaries between the worlds, we feel less friction between them. A spontaneous peace descends.


So the metaphor of harvest is running strong in my life and work this month – and I’ve been thinking of it on a deeper level than usual…

Coming up now for 6 years in Guardia Sanframondi, I can see how my lack of abundance/ need for a harvest at times became a preoccupation. All I wanted was to see a full storehouse, and to not have fear as I headed into winter.


This autumn I see harvest not as the mere gleaning of riches for myself, but as the flow of good things, through me, through us all – it’s a means of connecting.

In the past the harvest was always a collective activity – the bounty was always a shared wealth. In Guardia it remains so in some senses; everyone is out in the field (bar perhaps the occasional foreigner), and there is a sense of communal richness; a powering up of vitality through the sharing of abundance. The energy of the harvest radiates outwards, rather than being hoarded and, as with other peaks in crops throughout the year, bags and crates of produce are gifted from neighbour to neighbour.


Many foreigners arriving in the town are shocked by this generosity! They perhaps haven’t experienced food-growing directly in their lives, and so aren’t aware of the need to find homes for food when it’s ripe, rather than it going to waste.

As (even rural Italian) modern life gets busier and more consumerist, it isn’t such a priority to dedicate all-day-every-day to the processing of food into over-wintering format. Folks just want rid of it – and it’s natural that it should become a currency of friendship, rather than a means to glean more dollars per kilo.


As my stores are filled with paintings this harvest season, the paintings are in turn moving on to new homes.

Now it’s one thing to have a painting find a home – and to be paid for it, but it’s quite another thing having it find the right home – a place were it resonates deeply with the person purchasing it.This is a far greater and deeper joy: the true satisfaction of the most heartfelt kind: feeling life-purposefully-abundant.

This makes me very happy, to be an integral part of the whole, and to be in synchrony with the seasons – just like taking part in the community harvesting!

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Tante belle cose, Clare

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