Niki De Saint Phalle sculpture, in the centre of Capalbio, Italy, which I feel epitomises joyous self-confidence without ego.

Thriving creatives often have very dynamic lifestyles.

If we don’t want to be exhausted by the shock of so many ups and downs in our lives, we have to both expect the low dips, challenges and set-backs, and we have to know how to use them creatively.

Then we’re better equiped to flow with life, rather than being in conflict with it – rather than letting the monkey-mind take over, making us more and more discontented with any given moment.

_DSC0853 - Copia

Home photoshoot: I took around 150 snaps, to have only 2 which worked: lots of frustrated moments and frowning photos, but I got there.

A low ebb in particular – be it physical, mental, emotional or situational – can be a powerful indicator, a compass: it can bring our awareness to precisely the point where it needs to be focussed. Whatever we feel is ‘missing’ or ‘not right’, that tells us where we should head next.


Making a journey is a great way to build a sense of possibility; this is my (relatively) epic voyage from Italy back to Scotland and then back to Italy by car, which helped get me over an initial sense of being smothered by the Italian culture.

And once we stoke up the engine of our dream, once we open our minds to living way beyond our smallness, we can effortlessly step into the next phase of an increasingly happier life.

The important thing is
being able to embrace ALL change,
rather than trying to
keep everything ALWAYS the same!

Expo in Caserta, when I first came to Italy: one of the most challenging but rewarding moments, when I had to step into confidence, though it felt utterly terrifying! I even had to speak in Italian to a crowd, on a microphone, when I had about 20 words to work with!

Here are a 6 hot tips which have helped me reach the next level, each time life threw me unexpected changes: they focus on the idea of occupying confidence especially when we’re scared s***less!

  • Even if you don’t believe you can improve your life, you should start reprogramming that limiting mind now now NOW… All self-improvement is a simple matter of re-programming ourselves – and the only limits to how much we can improve our reality, are in our mind. We can decide if we want to keep thinking how we’ve been herded into thinking, or whether we cultivate our own mind like a lush bountiful garden.
  • Build a clear picture of where you want to be, and talk about it: look towards your dreams, and towards your favourite role models: don’t  be distracted by folk who are not inspiring you, or who don’t support you! Make a vision board; either a collage on cardboard, or online like on Pinterest/ Facebook: grab what catches your eye: spontaneously gathering imagery, and putting it together in front of you- this way we can really free up our passion, our ability to be attracted to things, but we have to exercise this ability: FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT.

Filming in Edinburgh: one of my best examples of faking confidence! 😉

  • Take a risk; you don’t have to gamble your life savings on an abandoned medieval quarter in a foreign country, but you really must have some element of chance in your life. Even if it’s just walking a different route to work in the morning! Exposing ourself to the new and the unpredictable, is where lies the greatest potential to interact creatively.
  • Keep humble: all true confidence is harmonious and gentle; it creates good energy wherever it goes, and raises the vibe. It’s never aggressive, doesn’t step on top of anyone else. A truly, deeply confident person radiates inspiration of some sort, wherever they go. Be willing to be both vulnerable and looked at strangely.
  • Keep your mind calm by taking just one step at a time. And take the smallest steps, rather than trying to leap, because the leap comes by itself, but the accumulated small steps to reach there are your responsibility, right now.
  • Set aside dedicated time to practise being confident: make a day of it – go on a date with yourself each week, even. Dress up like you’re the person you’d like to be: claim it by making time for it. Sometimes it’s something as small and symbolic as walking in nature, wearing a bright red skirt.

Connecting with nature and seasons, the rhythm of long walks (as with long harmonious discussion), bring me back always to peace, to quiet sureness in each moment.

Remember that all real confidence comes from inner faith in our path. For me, my greatest leaps forward have come through sharing with like-minded folk; the act of finding a common language for our unique experiences and perceptions, is powerful.

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Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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