There’s a heck of a lot of unnecessary tension around the New Year!

As if the excess of Christmas and the cabin fever of being stuck inside with the rest of the family weren’t challenging enough… then there’s resolutions we ‘should’ make.

Rather than being a serious attempt to improve our lives and wellbeing – a New Year’s resolution is mostly a rigid dogma set on our shoulders like a heavy sack of coal.

As with many aspects of our culture, it’s all about the guilt and then the rebellion against that guilt – keeping us in that cycle of neediness: comfort, reassurance, material objects and distractions.

What if we approached it more holistically? Rather than expecting ourselves to take one giant leap into a new lifestyle, why not look at the infinite small steps we can make towards a higher goal: we could even think of it as the presence we can have, in each and every moment:

photo for blog

Loving our work; following what nourishes us; respecting each other; cooperating; sharing; being aware of our immediate effects in the world – and our long-term effets; navigating from health and happiness rather than what’s bothering us this particular moment; being true to our hearts – to what makes us joyful.

This New Year is like every blessed day we have: a day filled with immense possibility to create, make, invent, philosophise, enlighten, inspire!

Don’t let the magic of your real reality, be squashed into a naff plastic box by banal collective traditions – get on with enjoying the beauty and joy of the everyday, every day!

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Clare xx

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