I was all set up to return to work yesterday, but my heart and mind refused – they demand an appopriate period of extensive, relaxed pottering.

Pottering is truly the lifeblood of any creative business: it’s the means by which the intuition and mind realign – I think of it as doodling in 5D!

Today, this involved:

– twiddling settings on my internet to allow a cable connection rather than wifi (I’m super sensitive to wifi signals pumping into my energetic body)

– tweaking my website to make it more properly represent my business and creative life

– neatening up my pantry so I can see what abundance of food is in there waiting to be made into happy feasts

– making coffee and biccies for the workmen in the street below, and checking up on the progress of the wall-building (yey!)

– fixing a tap so it flows beautifully

– filling in some holes with putty

– painting a scratched surface lovely-white

– making the most of the last sunny days before the rain arrives

– just contentedly staring out the window.

These accumulated small acts mean I feel super-midwinter-merry now: all set up for the new year, and a new approach to my work and life.

All the wee annoying things which were on my ‘must do that, when I have time’ ticked off, and I’m gaining a sense of quiet and peace, through and through.

It’s a joy to have such moments, days, weeks, to fouter around at the edges of one’s life. It makes everything so much neater and efficient, outside and in!

Wishing you the most glorious of last days of this year, and in your preparations for a whole new cycle of living and loving!

new LOGO 1Clare xx

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