With my great capacity for full-immersion, my first day out and about in Kampala was pretty overwhelming yesterday. From the heat to the intensity of activity in every direction, the noises and the unusual light and the super-strangeness everything. It’s really like being on another planet!

DSC_0004the road to the workshop

Alongside this, being outside of my usual safe space, my haven and workspace – wow, it’s intensely un-grounding – and unnerving – at first!

DSC_0044the workshop garden

When I set out on any journey, this is almost always the first reaction; everything is unfamiliar, and I want to go home… but settling into a place is a powerful aligning force: when we carry around our inner resources and capacity to learn, there is a wonderful energetically-stimulating space in any newness, which feeds the soul, feeds the creative field.

DSC_0070view from the workshop garden

Though it can be somewhat overly-exhilarating initially, jumping in at the deep end is also a marvellously toughening, waking-up, reminder of who we are and what we love, where we want to be and how we want to express ourselves in the world. Travelling somewhere really different can remind us of what it is to be fully alive, because all of us is switched on to alertness, to awareness and presence.

DSC_0008an African sky

Things happen when we travel, which cannot happen at home, where we’re comfortable and secure: we become bigger, our boundaries are expanded and our minds have to adjust to accomodate more. It’s a most powerful way to transform the self!

DSC_0029a handmade rope on a tree


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4 thoughts on “I AM IN AFRICA…

  1. susie-walker says:

    Just wonderful! You’re giving me itchy feet – reminding me of my own childhood and all the travelling adventures I had in my 20s. Good times indeed. Wishing you all the very best for this most impressive adventure that you are having x


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