Okay, so there is a camera in everyone’s hand, much of the day, or within arm’s reach, or at least in the house: we have the opportunity to document literally every moment of our existence, give or take a few moments for battery charging.

What does this do to us?

We can say that we’re able to share, to relate to others, to empathise – infinitely more so than we could before. And this is GOOD!


We could also say that we have become somewhat detached from the full sensory experience in each moment – and we’re more occupied with how it will appear on the internet, to others…

So the MEDIA BREAK is a great tool for a happy, fulfilled creative life!

A media break is not so much about switching off social media, but about musing deeply on the intentions – our purpose – around sharing:

What do we ultimately endeavour to share, and is it working?

I had some days this week without recording my work, or my walks.

Though I took my camera out me, it seemed like it was more important to be present, rather than the usual show and tell.

I love sharing with my audience, but wanted to muse a little on how it is to not do that for a while, so as to come back FRESH to it.

All creative passions benefit from a time of abstinence and reflection.

What could you take a rest from, this week? Is there something you’d like to embrace fully, and not share with the world?

Something which you can enter with all your presence and being?

Don’t share, in the comments below 😉

Tante belle cose, Clare xx




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