CONFESSION: fairly regularly in these 7 years of having ‘settled’ in Guardia Sanframondi, I’ve reached a point where I want to abandon it all.


This urge to escape is always stimulated by circumstances which aren’t so dramatic, looked at objectively  (but who does that?! – certainly not your average happy artist), but from my super-sensitive and wild-hearted and indignant-Scottish perspective… well, a minor trespass can feel like a massive invasion of privacy.

This happened again recently: a minor disagreement with a neighbour (objectively speaking), but to me, it piled up on top of other issues (there are assai, with medieval houses) and daily interruptions and pressures from folks thinking that I have time to attend to them, when I’m W-O-R-K-I-N-G and my concentration is utterly vital to my being able to work… all this spirals into a sense of having too much to get a grip on, too much to digest, too much physical work and mess to deal with.

Everything getting in the way of painting, being at peace, nourishing myself.


This time was pivotal: I can see the open road in front of me, I can sense what it’d feel like: that profound liberation of being freed from responsibility, and that profound lightness of having just a car with a box or three in it: engaging with spontaneity, with the magic of the moment when you enter it without expectation but open to whatever comes.


And starting completely afresh – with the resources that selling my house might free up, rather than struggling to pay for these final repairs and shared costs with neighbours – yey; just leave it for the next owner to deal with!

Hehe – invece; this time, breaking a life-long battle with instability, upheaval, uncertainty, I’m instead attending to all the unfinished business!

Doesn’t mean I won’t move on in time, but it’ll be in the right time, when the house is beautifully complete, when my paintings which have been calling to be finished for a decade are done, when my book series and art school are well in progress!

The momentum of turning around negative emotion, and transforming it into positive action, is immense!


  • COLOUR THE BODY colouring-and-workbook is at the publishers now – just waiting for the draft copy to approve it.


  • Several PAINTINGS, as mentioned above, are now finished, some after having been worked on for more than 15 yrs!


  • The first few entries are coming in, for the Arthouse COMPETITION – so excited to be hearing the stories of wonderful creative souls – one whom is going to be gifted a glorious retreat here.
  • The house itself is reaching the final lap, with several  problem spaces being resolved, walls being built, steps being painted…


  • The Arthouse NEWSLETTER is being prepped – it goes out in a couple of weeks – sign up HERE.


Tante belle cose, Clare xx





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