all illustrations from the soon-to-be-published MAKING SPACE TO MAKE book

One of the most misunderstood aspects of artists’ lives… is their work schedule.

I’m serious! It’s one of the most constant issues which has perpetuated; throughout the past 25 + yrs, no matter where in the world my studio has been: daily, often hourly, unanticipated interruptions when I’m working in deep concentration.

Peoples’ perception of what an artist is actually doing is not always accurate: perhaps they look superficially and think we’re just painting pictures, like plastering a wall or cooking dinner. Folk see the surface of a painting, and often don’t appreciate the many layers behind that surface, nor the intensity of focus which we need to place one mark upon another.

The reality is, we’re deep in alpha-wave consciousness, balanced on a wave of inspiration, focussing our energy, experience and passion intently and profoundly in one place, in that one potent moment.

If you’re not

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