I’m cosying in for autumn, whilst enjoying immensely the last of the summer heat, and am turning my house the right-way-round, having closed the arthouse B&B: new bedroom and studios, the kitchen arranged for my comfort rather than guests’ convenience, privacy and lie-ins, quiet mornings and silence in the evening,  all my bathrooms reclaimed and new lights on the balcony…

Almost everyone who I’ve mentioned ‘closing the B&B’ to, has responded with negative surprise; like it’s a loss, or I must’ve not been enjoying it! Hehe – this happens a lot when I do new things: folks get jolted out of their idea of things just ticking along, with no particularly outstanding dips or peaks.

Actually, it’s all hugely nourishing, inspiring and rewarding – a deeply creative life means constant change: movement and refining, shifting and transforming, ripping up and starting again; not just repeating what I did before, because it worked well!

A real artist’s life will never settle for good-enough, nor even for much-better-then-before; it’ll always be seeking more profound harmony, more stimulating contrast and new options where there were none before.

This year, I’m committing to a couple of huge life-changing projects, and my house and work-structure need to be in order, for them to unfold… So alongside my new occupying-of-the-whole-arthouse-as-my-own, I’m simplifying how I present online (my creative process needs consistent reining in and containing – sometimes it feels like trying to herd butterflies!)

Here’s my new Monday release of paintings (you see new paintings first on PATREON -there’ll be a new video up there imminently, as soon as I get back my voice from the ‘flu):


As always, follow me on Patreon, see my paintings on Etsy, and check out the Real School of Art – the mailing list for the latter can be found here, and the email campaign will begin at the end of October for the RSOA – launching via Patreon in January 2017 – yeh!

Loads of good wishes and creative fulfilment to you! 


Tante belle cose, Clare 

2 thoughts on “BOTH, AND…

  1. Carmen Erickson says:

    Claire, While I am sad that I missed my chance to stay with you, I am so happy you are able to do this for yourself. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of all your hard labor! I just had 2 adult children move out over the weekend and I am looking forward to reclaiming my space as well. It’s a new season of life. I support you and your choice.

    Best wishes,



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