40 Years Of Sobering Up



Hi – here’s another occasional blog!

I had a piece of writing published on Bella Caledonia – an important Scottish cultural commentating space – and felt like I should share it here too.
If you follow me on Patreon, you might know something about the behind-the-scenes of this story of sobering up from the effects of alcohol long-term. I was raised in a culture that still now identifies very heavily with the use of alcohol – in a way that harms the spirit of the drinker (and of course those around the drinker) – and Scotland still uses it as a source of self-ridicule.

There is a rich dialogue under the article, which I hope goes some way to unravelling the dark pages of the truth of long-term damage from alcoholism – especially in parenting.

You can read or download the PDF of the writing 40 Years’ Sobering Up, also.

Thanks so much for reading, very good creative wishes to you,



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