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Welcome to The Art Of Life podcast…

September’s talk is something of an epic ramble – I explain why, inside – on illness as a bringer of gifts, health and wholeness, and intuitive art as an inimitable force for both navigating illness and transforming it.

61,02 mins


I talk about how, if you don’t have symptoms, there’s probably something wrong! About why it’s so empowering to view ourselves as whole first, and see our symptoms as a natural expression of something that needs to emerge from inside of us – either from our past, or from what is happening around us right now. This immense subject takes several twists and turns, and ends up with some insight into how and why art can support our healing into our most full and fulfilled self.


I’ll be releasing new paintings in the middle of the month, again… Stay tuned – some are old ones which are now being re-released.

And the School of Real Art (The SORA) will be releasing THE INTUITIVE ARTIST 101 course – as soon as my health permits.

You can hear more about my healing fund over on my Period Of Illness page, and see below for all other links to my work.

As ever, thank you so much for your support and your interest in my work: it means a great deal to me,

Tantissime belle cose, 



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  1. Katie Sabry says:

    Dearest Clare,
    So much food for thought , and so much I can relate to!
    I totally agree with so much you have to say.
    I listened to the entire podcast over two sessions as I wanted to not only digest it, but also be able to write back in my own time.
    I had no idea you’d been unwell for so long. And can only send very best wishes and joy your way.
    I’d love to have a video chat with you sometime? When you’re up to it / would like to.
    Lots of love always.
    Katie xxxx
    P. S. Remember that funny new years eve down at lemba beach? What year was that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • claregallowayartist says:

      It is so gorgeous to hear from you, Katie, and I’d love to have video chat sometime – I’m on Skype, and will send you a Facebook Messenger msg to sort out a time ❤
      Yeh, it is a very strange time – sort of feels like in limbo before something big and magical happens again – things feel much more fluid than they have done in a good while – miraculously, the neighbours have quietened down, and this is at least aiding resting and putting things in order…
      Hehe – I think that was the beginning of 2002? I have a photo of it somewhere in my box of memories…
      I so look forward to connecting: you are always such an inspiration to me, and remind of my times barefooting and mopeding around Cyprus! ;-D So much love to you, Clare


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