I know the body-mind-spirit as a bridge between the physical and the mystical.
I believe in our inbuilt ability – all people, in all phases of life and work – to use our sentience, and that-which-is-MUCH-more-than-the-sum-of-the-parts – to navigate towards a more synchronised, beautiful, fulfilled, harmonious life experience.

I use art, writing, and spoken word – intuitively and spontaneously, in a cultivated state of mastery – to enter the flow; that state which we all have known at some point or another, in which we feel at one with the world: intimately engaged in a passionate activity that lets us express ourselves fully and fulfillingly…

I’m aware that much of modern life is inherently problematic; it asks us to actively sabotage ourselves on multiple levels, and to leave a trail of destruction behind us – and it mostly doesn’t give the space or time conducive to our unfolding our immense creative potential. This is why we need art all the more in our lives!

Many of us sense a lack of something bigger in our everyday, and spend huge levels of our precious resources immersing ourselves in books, courses, retreats, medicines or alternative experiences, to try and access this mysterious flow.

Maybe we are temporarily given a window into something that resembles a potent relationship with it… but this quickly dwindles and fades after the course/ book/ film/ effect of the medicine finishes.


I’m passionate about how we maintain and share this Flow – how do we draw this permanent abundance of energy, ideas, happiness, vitality and well-being into our everymoment – how we inspire each other to mastery of it?

The answers are multifarious, but art is a major bridging force that is accessible to everyone, right now – it’s a means of methodically dismantling the veils and walls between us and this Flow.

I know that it is possible to step out of chaos, illness, depression, grief, poverty and despair, because I’ve done it, and I’ve used my art as a vehicle to navigate out of it. I know that it can be effortless, because once we get to grips with the process, it’s very, very simple.

My passion is in sharing the divine creative Flow, through my art, books, podcasts – and my online art school

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  1. Donna Malmquist says:

    I just saw your home purchase on HGTV. I want to travel to Italy someday. I will stay at your place when I come for a visit. Thanks.

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  2. Rod Fowles says:

    Hello Clare. I live in Cape Town South Africa. Just saw your house hunt in House Hunters International! How brave of you! Googled you and voila!! Found you. Seems it has been enormously successful. Well done and truly pray that the recent earthquake in Italy did not affect you. Greetings from afar. Rod


    • claregallowayartist says:

      Hi Rod – many thanks for your lovely comment, and yes, after humble beginnings, things took off in Guardia – both for myself and the town – we even have a small South African contingency to our international community, now πŸ™‚ Blessedly we were not affected by the recent earthquake ❀ but yes, very sad for Amatrice and the zone…

      Very good wishes, Clare


    • claregallowayartist says:

      Shawn, thank you so much for your beautiful words and encouragement! Yes, there has been significant seismic activity recently in Italy, but praise be, we are all safe here, with the restoration of the old town going on all around with great gusto πŸ™‚ Loads of good wishes to you and your wife, and thank you again for your enthusiasm! Clare


  3. Gloria Kopatz says:

    Hi Clare,
    I arrived in guardia a week ago Tuesday, my sister came here about a year ago thru a tour with Carlo Roberts
    She fell in love and convinced her husband and me to purchase a house.
    The sale finalized in march and this is the first visit here, I too am in love although a bit overwhelmed in searching online to find your book I was overjoyed. I now am on a quest to buy it, I have your address and hope I am able to find the art house and fingers crossed it will be open (I still don’t quite understand the hours)
    Here I feel it’s hit or miss at best. Anyway off on my search for your book. Ciao Gloria Rose


  4. Norma Mejia says:

    Hello Clare,

    This is such an inspirational website ! this is Norma, I really hope my daugther and I can come over and take a class with you! YOur thughts and words are very delicate and passionate in the ART world! ciao!! hasta luego !!

    Norma M


  5. Monica Loncola says:

    Hello Clare,
    I’m an artist living in San Francisco CA
    I am thinking of MarieFoleo BSchool.
    Could you share with me how it helped you? I’m curious about how it works.
    Im a visual artist & vocalist & musican.
    Thank you very Kindly, Monica Loncola


    • claregallowayartist says:

      Hi Monica πŸ™‚ It’s a fab course – very intensive, and a great means of reining in the artistic brain! I did it back in 2014, and it really helped me get from being-all-over-the-place, to honing my branding and purpose. I highly recommend it, if you’re willing to put in the hours and see it through πŸ˜€ Also, there are a ton of artistic people, masses of groups and meetups, rafts of resources and brains to pick on – many folks find that this is the most important aspect of the course for them.

      (I’m also running an art school to support career development and long term sustainability of practise – you might be interested in the latter terms which will be released from summer onwards, this year πŸ™‚ It’s on http://www.thersoa.com)

      Really good wishes, and see you in B-School if you sign up! Clare


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