I am a free-minded, un-conventional creative adventurer, from a small wild corner of a Scottish island: a feral-natural-real artist. I’ve consistently chosen a relatively radical lifestyle, so as to stay happy and healthy, and to keep complete creative control over my life. I speak my truth from a pretty darn deep place, and don’t mince my words… I feel strongly about my life mission to free our collective conscious to be happy and creative – positive and spiralling upwards – rather than the current situation. 

I’m passionate – and a tad wordy at times – about: the awakening of the sacred feminine in the everyday – the equilibrium between the feminine and the masculine collective – using art to move us ALL towards our immense and unique artistic potential – pulling away the veils and fables around ‘art’ and ‘artists’ – opening minds to why REAL art is so very essential in the world today.


I live the life that many people dream about: I have my own magical house, I paint and write whatever I want to,  my time and space is my own, and I’m deeply fulfilled in my happy work and life. But this happy situation did NOT come about by accident… I transformed severe hardship, illness, and chaos into this, by using art as a way of harmonising my relationship with everything.


I created an incredibly happy lifestyle by deep intuition – and on an often-non-existent budget.


me + larry, isle of arran, 1977
Isle of Arran around 1977

I grew up in a village of 10 cottages on a Scottish island, a place steeped in mysticism and atmosphere, beauty and wild nature. From an early age, I was occupied with a life-philosophy of spiralling upwards – and didn’t like the limiting beliefs that they tried to teach me in school!

I had a colourful career – painting, inspiring community, growing food and transforming landscapes, and exploring ideas around creative freedom and domestic alchemy – in various countries. I had semi-happy, mildly-anarchic adventures, but struggled to find a place to put down my taproot. I fought with circumstances for several years, trying to understand why I didn’t fit in. I tried a multitude of unusual abodes and environments, from Cypriot cottage to Edinburgh high-rise, Canadian suburbs and Scottish beach village….

photo by Anna Wirazska

with my beautiful arthouse B&B guests in Guardia Sanframondi

Then I gambled everything on a €10,000 house in an abandoned Italian medieval quarter. A few short years later, I was awarded the keys to the city for having inspired a big new international community and the rejuvenation of the old town. This is where my creative flow began to really flourish, as I stabilised my life and art business for the first time.

Then in 2012, a famous American TV show made my story well known…. though it wasn’t quite the real story! Read my story and listen to this interview from 2015 on MUSE RADIO, about how I really came to be in Guardia.


healing hands, oil paint and pencil on paper, 2002 

For many years, I had kept a tightly-fixed lid on the fact that I’m deeply sensory-sentient, but once I had my own magical safe house, I began turning my sensitivity from an immense hurdle in my life, into a super-power.

podcast on being a high-sensory sensitive

When I began full embracing it, rather than struggling to keep it in check, my creative path began really flourishing too: I realised that art was a means of connecting with feeling, and of using that feeling to connect with the world. Read my story about my creative awakening.

Creativity is absolutely key to our individual well-being, our collective evolution, and to our very survival as a species.  


I now work from my beautiful arthouse in Guardia Sanframondi; painting, writing, blogging and connecting with a gorgeous supporting audience across the planet. I created – and am developing – an online art school to inspire others to know themselves through art, and to find their creative place in the world.

If you like these kinds of things: here’s my CV// (CV in italiano)

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