I attended the two most prestigious art schools in Scotland, for degrees in Fine Art (GsA 1996) and in Art, Space & Nature (EcA 2007), but learned very little about creativity there. Something deep inside told me that nature was a far better teacher, and living in tune with life might harvest a great deal of inspiration and reward… So I spent my first 20+ yrs after graduating, soaking up experience and wisdom, and developing a unique visual language and life philosophy, before setting up an art business and settling down to communicate with my audience. 

This is an interview (42 mins) with the wonderful Lavinia Lindsay, of the 99 Art Project – where we talk about how I came to choose art as a path, what I mean by ‘real art’, and why it feels so important to inspire others to be free creatively. You can view the video of this interview, by joining my inner circle on Patreon.


I lived barefoot in the Mediterranean, and like a nomad in various countries for my first art years. I then stayed in spiritual communities, in a high-rise council estate and a remote glen, trying to find my unique voice and strength… Read about my particular work approach hereFinally I settled in Italy where I was able to stabilise a happy fulfilled artist lifestyle – after buying my own home in a semi-abandoned medieval quarter for €10K.

DSC_1529Throughout my colourful career, I never compromised my artistic expression or vision: I avoided many conventional steps in my art career, which allowed me to build a totally inimitable visual language – kept it pure. I also used my art to heal my own life and chaos (read about my art transformation here), and to understand it as a means of evolving one’s own reality – of transforming fears and illness, stagnancy and challenges, and finding deeper truths and more energy. Read about the aspect of my healing, from a childhood steeped in alcoholism, here.

I’ve drawn, painted and written daily for a great portion of my life (I was born in 1973), and I’ve accumulated an immense body of work; paintings, essays, hand-made books, installations, murals.

DSC_0535My life choices have freed me of many of the limitations which are considered ‘normal’ in the ‘real world’ – my work has helped me thrive as a high-sensory sensitive, in a world that expects us to be extrovert and super-conservative – yikes! I’ve also developed a strong life philosophy of creative expansion and spiralling upwards – read more about what I think of art here.

6busting through resistanceI live in a magical arthouse in a glorious part of Italy: I created my own quirky, happy, healthy creative world with very few resources, but which a millionaire would be envious of! I love to share my creative outpourings and ideas with others, to inspire the world to be happier, free-er and more creative and fulfilled. See my online art school – a comprehensive guide to creative freedom! – here.



I’m very particular about where I show my artwork and I rarely exhibit. Most of my clients comune with me directly, and come to my arthouse to view the art. See my shop here.

3.jpgMany of my clients are also my patrons via Patreon; in this way, they see paintings in progress before the public, and get big discounts on all that I create. See the Patreon page on this website, to see how it works.