creative inspiration podcast number one

This is the first of these podcasts around how we unblock our immense creative potentials as human beings. It’s on FEELING, which seems like a potent place to begin:

Quite unwittingly, our collective consciousness has been pulled into a strangely atrophied and polarised version of ‘feeling’. We’re consistently expected either to numb ourselves to atrocities and/ or to be moved to emotional extremes by theatrical re-enactments of human ‘experience’.

Being consciously sentient, and moving deeper always into that sentience, is such a key role for the creative: without this profound engagement in sensory experience, we really can only be talking about surface matters.

Young Man Creating Him Self painting

Without ‘full-immersion’, we have a shallow interaction with reality: which is to say that if we become more feeling, we start to understand the huge capacity that we have for cultivating harmony and love, for growing energy and making opportunity where there was nothing. We plant seeds everywhere, because we feel their potential, and we know  with every fibre of our being that it’s simply good.

Woman Of The Moons - Fruit Of The Everymoment painting

There is immense potential in what we become – that more-than-the-sum-of-the-parts – when we feel and know and sense as we were born to.

Let me know your response in the comments below – I’d love to hear how feeling is part of your artistic practise and lifestyle.



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30 years’ dedicated art path


Hi – this is a podcast about the 30 years I’ve been dedicated to art as a means of transformation.

A reminder that you can also read the Bella Caledonia essay I refer to – and the comments underneath it.

Very good wishes to you,


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40 Years Of Sobering Up



Hi – here’s another occasional blog!

I had a piece of writing published on Bella Caledonia – an important Scottish cultural commentating space – and felt like I should share it here too.
If you follow me on Patreon, you might know something about the behind-the-scenes of this story of sobering up from the effects of alcohol long-term. I was raised in a culture that still now identifies very heavily with the use of alcohol – in a way that harms the spirit of the drinker (and of course those around the drinker) – and Scotland still uses it as a source of self-ridicule.

There is a rich dialogue under the article, which I hope goes some way to unravelling the dark pages of the truth of long-term damage from alcoholism – especially in parenting.

You can read or download the PDF of the writing 40 Years’ Sobering Up, also.

Thanks so much for reading, very good creative wishes to you,



  1. I now only make rare public posts. If you’d like to be in touch more often; join my newsletter HERE or join me on PATREON – I really look forward to having you in my inner circle!
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  3. My website is here, my art is on Etsy, The Real School of Art is here, my books on Lulu and Blurb, and art holidays on VAWAA.
  4. Social media links: Instagram, Facebook – the art school, my artist page, the Insider’s Guide To Guardia book page, Twitter – clareartista

rare podcast!

Hi – here is an occasional podcast – if you are interested in what I am doing, join me via one of the links below – I look very much forward to having you in my inner circle.

3 IMG_20180120_143317



  1. I now only make rare public posts. If you’d like to be in touch more often; join my newsletter HERE or join me on PATREON
  2. Please let me know you’ve seen this post by clicking on the heart symbol and/ or commenting below – and share it if you know someone who’d be interested ❤
  3. My website is here, my art is on Etsy, The Real School of Art is here, my books on Lulu, art holidays on VAWAA.
  4. Social media links: Instagram, Facebook – the art school, my artist page, the Insider’s Guide To Guardia book page.

6 reasons why you SHOULD STEP INTO THE VOID



It was easy, when I first arrived in Italy, to get drawn deep into the panic of having given up all my taken-for-granted familiarity. Despite the fact that there had been a fire under my arse chasing me to Italy, the first months were full of my dwelling on that familiar discomfort of a place where e.g. I was capable of talking on the phone to resolve a bureaucratic issue – and was sure about what side of the road to drive on.

The superficial mind perpetually seeks stability, pattern, anchoring: if it could, it’d probably put the brain in a jar and have it in a secure room, fed by wires and artificial nutriment. In some ways, we’re heading that way – kids not even allowed to learn from experience that fire burns and falling down on concrete breaks skin; no-one letting germs circulate their home any more; everything packaged and everything truly natural to all intents and purposes outlawed. At the end of the day, it gets good-comfy to be laid back on a soft, sterile sofa with the perfect-coloured cushions, in front of an ever-busy TV screen and munching on sugar and slurping down caffeine to keep us perky – to maintain our ‘interest’ in life.


And it’s nice to have the steady drip of a wage: the knowledge that every single month we will have a familiar amount of money deposited in our lap, which corresponds roughly to the amount that we’ll have to put out into the world. This rhythmic symmetry makes us feel like everything is under control, despite life distractions regularly popping up inconveniently.


What does it mean to throw all that comfort out, and to go out on a limb – to stand at the end of a diving board above a mysterious ocean, and to simply jump: to enter a new country and culture and start a new life from nothing… what happens? What would happen if we gave up all the comforts and trappings, and chose the unknown, the new, the unfamiliar? (Wouldn’t it destroy us? Or fuck our lives up?! Shouldn’t we be fighting with all our domesticated life force, to hold onto what small territory we have?!!)

But seriously: what happens when we up give up an old life and start in a completely new, unfamiliar place? I’ll tell you:


ONE: First, it creates a void: a void is something we are all terrified of, and yet it is the space into which the better, the best, the life we REALLY WANT to be living can grow.

The void – space to think, feel, to be present in – is one of the greatest hidden secrets of our time: we’re lured into this compelling mythology of ‘time poverty’, and of being full to the brim, overstimulated, and ready for terror, in every moment of every day.

We seek all kinds of therapy and antidote to this, from holidays in countries with better weather, to titillation of the senses (hard or soft) and over-indulgence: staying up late or pressing the boundary ever-so-gently, but never stepping outside of it.

Ultimately however, we all seek peace and gentleness – we want to be more sensitive and quiet, and we want our day to be full of love and significance: to have this, we need the space, the void. There is no room, otherwise, and to cultivate this space, we have to wean ourselves out of the fear of not being filled up. We have to allow life to open up around and in front of us, rather than clawing to get back in the box we’ve made for ourselves.


TWO: It makes us realise what inner resources we have – because we have to actually draw on them; use them. In a comfortable life, we rarely challenge ourselves beyond the fluffy yum-numb of our routine.

It feels like fulfilment – but it really isn’t: the human soul needs to experience friction and challenge in order to grow, in the same way a tree needs natural soil and wild weather to get it to its potential.

tile painting, wee fig. II

THREE: It makes us see that we can actually reinvent ourselves; change, travel, upheaval – particularly when they are consciously chosen rather than imposed on us – are the most useful of tools to get us to stretch our minds into what we might also be/ achieve/ dream of.

Staying at home can be satisfying to a degree, but the longer we don’t stretch our legs or hearts or energy, the more accustomed we become to the atrophied version of our self which we’ve elected to prioritise.


FOUR: It makes us work hard; on ourselves, on our work, on our life and friendships… There is a profound satisfaction in having to make new connections, networks, structures to hold us; there is the deepest meaning and beauty in our having to build a new household, in having to harmonise a chaotic new reality, in having to learn a language and legal system, cultural and religious norms…

And that hard work is more honed than it might be if we are living a stagnant life: it is more specific and necessary. Our compulsion fires up our engine, and gets us more streamlined.


FIVE: It brings us into a realm of raw creative flow. Most lives are full of complacency, and this sense of ‘this’ being ‘all that there is’ – why bother changing anything, if we already have someone to drink coffee and complain about the weather/ our partner/ our boss with?

If someone is telling us where to go each day, and we still get to ‘wild out’ on payday by buying a new pair of shoes, or getting drunk and laughing excessively, why would we want to re-accept the power-that-flows-through-all-things-when-we-are-aligned-with-our-life-purpose?!

Hmmmmmmn – I wonder.


SIX: Possibly most importantly of all: putting ourselves into a new and challenging situation like moving to another country makes us appreciate the value of things: we see how hard it is to find a thing which before was always a bancomat and a supermarket trip away.

We see how communication is so much more than constructed word formations, and that a smile or being touched on the cheek can be profoundly moving, confirming our place in the world.

We learn to enjoy what little we have, essentially, rather than seeking more-more-more without questioning whether a thing is really improving the quality of our life. Perhaps our values can even deepen, in time – especially if we’re immersed in a culture which is more rooted in family, spirituality, friendship and nature…


I wanted to make a statement here; yes, about what the positive side of a challenge like moving abroad can be, but also to remind folks that NONE OF THIS COMES ABOUT EASILY OR INSTANTLY OR BY LUCK – NOR CAN IT BE BOUGHT: it has to be earned, slowly and through hard graft, humility, concerted attention and commitment, love and optimism, and by pushing oneself always to be a better human being. We have to know ourselves, and then too, to know-craft-hone this self into the best we can be.

I wanted to remind myself, and folks who are inspired by what I do: none of my happy creative life – with my own house, in magical medieval Italy – happened by accident, nor was any of it handed to me on a plate; I didn’t stride over here in confidence like many people assume – or saw fictionalised on TV…

I arrived overwhelmed and terrified: nothing flowed well when I got here, and A LOT about the country and culture rubbed me horribly the wrong way. There was a dark night of the soul where I really thought for a while that I had fucked up phenomenally: that I’d thrown it all away and had nothing and had seriously sabotaged my future…


It feels important to say: I know that many people don’t ever change their lives because they think that one should be strong, confident, healthy, in equilibrium, solvent, and sure of what one is doing, to move abroad, or to make a big life change. You don’t, you simply have to do it, e basta.


Happiness, freedom, fulfilment grow like plants in a well-tended garden: they don’t appear overnight; they flourish according to whether or not they are planted, and whether or not it’s in the right season and soil, and the good care and attention given to them. They live to their potential not through one big showy action, but through myriad small ones. They yield fruit according to the accumulation of all these tiny attentions and harmonies – and when they are happy and in the right place and time… the fruit is bountiful – and heavenly delicious… And their seeds go on to produce more and more and more life and growth and fruit.


Much love and creative power to you


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 Vesuvius, I

Hi, how are you?

I’ve been having an incredibly insightful winter – following up on The Real You course with the brilliant Esther de Charon de Saint Germain my core story and brand identity are shining much more deeply with the truth of what I want to share with my soul clients.

You can now read my two stories about the taproot of my art practise, and about how my happy artist life in Guardia Sanframondi came out of a Dark Night of The Soul (rather than a casual house-viewing as portrayed in the fantasy property show!)

What I want to get across most in these stories, is how we get to our dreams NOT through luck and fearlessness, but by gritting our teeth, daring to breathe into the magic of it,a nd doing the hard work. That’s what I’m here to share and teach, and that’s what my paintings and books and school of creative transformation are all about: not reinventing the wheel and doing it all in anguish and by the skin-of-my-teeth, but in happy, gentle, methodical and disciplined steps.

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young man creates his own mother

Loads of creative good vibes to you, Clare

PS Images above are details from Vesuvio I and Young Man Creates His Own Mother – both available now on Etsy


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Hi, dear folks!

Here is a podcast! It’s part of a podcast series from the Real School of Art: our relationship – particularly as women – as mystical creative women – with money. (podcast solo in inglese – su le donne, i soldi, e la creatività) 

f*** word warning!

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