How does one write a book?

I want to share something of my creative process, as I re-commit to the book series – and to the Spiralling Upwards book, which was begun back in Scotland in 2008.

Whilst there are myriad guides and shedloads of online advice about How To – bullet points and scheduling and the like, I believe that real creative flow comes jumping directly into the chaos!

To do this, without being totally overwhelmed, one needs the right space, and a good knowledge of one’s own mind and work methods.

Here’s a vlog about that:

I’d love to hear how you approach creative projects – let me know in the comments below!

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                                     Clare xx



It’s with great pride and joy that I announce the publication of



with dear Lorenzo: headache trying to understand dialetto

The guidebook has been percolating for several years, and took around a year to write – it’s not a typical or superficial guide, but a frank view into life in this molto particolare culture and place, climate and economy – by someone who knows it intimately.


hanging out with beautiful young folk of Guardia, who helped me learn Italiano!

It has 130 pages, 3 maps, detailed instructions on how to get here most efficiently and affordably, what and who to watch out for, how to navigate all the boons and quirks of the town as a foreigner. Here are some initial reactions from my readers:

Mary Tagliarino: “Wonderfully informative with a fascinating window on the culture of Guardia! Better than any ethnography from my Anthropology studies!”

Glenn T Martin: “It was FABULOUS!! I am learning so much…I didn’t even realize Guardia had a larger grocery store!! Please keep up the good work.”

Crystal A. Davis: “GREAT book! Love your writing style! I read it in one go! It’s such a wonderful book, and will be providing deep benefit for many years! … made me miss Guardia so much.”

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photo by Anna Wirazska

photo by Anna Wiraszka


“The new international community of Guardia Sanframondi is growing on the shoulders of a series of protagonists and ‘believers’ who were led to the abandoned medieval quarter over the past few decades. None of us are pioneers; none of us are discoverers of an undiscovered culture: Guardia was thriving away over the centuries without us.

At the same time, we now have a truly rare situation, whereby the bright threads of our overlapping stories and dreams have started to form a strong, brightly-coloured fabric. This unique tapestry is having new threads continually being woven into it. Working together, and bringing the best of all our cultures to the table, there’s huge potential for our long-term intercultural ‘surthrival’, which is more important than ever in this troubled world.

As the community grows, and new folks compare who came first, who has the biggest key or the best panorama, it’s important to acknowledge that there were many talented individuals who came to Guardia long before us all, and who continue to go about their business and leisure without fanfare. My own arrival here followed a series of other protagonists with beautiful house projects: I was inspired by cultured folks from Caserta and Torre Del Greco, Naples and Rome. These brilliant folks continue to contribute to the multicultural diversity of our growing community, by developing B&Bs, summer camps and artist residencies, inter-cultural events and special celebrations. It’s often the ones not blowing their own trumpets who make the more significant contributions to a cultural dynamic.

I’ve always seen the potential of the old town as a win-win-win situation, and it does seem like it’s possible that there’s space for us all to flourish, particularly if we treat each other and the town with respect and generosity. If we give back as much – or more – than we get from the place, we can build a collective creative power which can stand strong in defiance of the worst cultural tensions and austerity economics currently proliferating across Europe.

Some of us felt a calling to be in Guardia – even if it was in part the €10K house price-tag tempting us! Many of us felt pulled by something intangible and yet irresistible: we followed signs and good vibes, and we found our dream home, and a high quality, chilled-out way of life.

Many of the new international community are empty-nesters or nearing retirement age, and want to be in a peaceful (and affordable) place when they’re older. Others seek silence and solitude, spiritual reflection, time in nature – sometimes as respite from a heavy work schedule back home. Yet others want the headspace to create: artists, writers, musicians, creatives of all kinds.

We all share a passion for good food, great wine, a gentle lifestyle, a breath-taking view, fresh air, clean water. We’re all stimulating the local community in some shape or form – to better appreciate the beauty and values they might have taken for granted up to now, to fulfil their own creative dreams and projects, to get organised, and to support the regeneration of the old town.

Most folks from abroad are coming to Guardia for a few weeks per annum, others for as many as 6 months. One or two hope to transfer, though no-one has yet lasted more than a couple of years during all four seasons. But within a few years, what with further TV publicity coming again soon, and several foreigners and Italians establishing new businesses; the rejuvenation of Guardia Sanframondi looks set to settle into a more permanent and dynamic international community.

Together, we all have even huger potential, and I have a lot of optimism about the inherent positivity and spirit of our movement winning over any greed and ego which is trying to get a foothold. Bravi noi!

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photo by Charlotte Sørensen

I have a unique position here in Guardia, having been protagonist in the renaissance movement, and here year-round since 2009; my first couple of years here were completely da sola,  without the language. I learned everything the hard way – so you don’t have to!


winter isn’t always sunny and warm, here!

What many people don’t know is that alongside a colourful art career I’ve also had a parallel incarnation as a visionary – being heavily involved in several large scale community and social housing transformation projects.


international artists, attracted by the creative vibe in Guardia!

I’ve won social entrepreneur awards, and was shortlisted for major funding for a visionary project to transform social housing in Scotland. I’m able to understand the underlying interconnectedness of things: how behaviour and systems reverberate – how these knock-on effects accumulate over time, and how we can interract positively in the patterns they make.


photo by Soukizy Redroom of the Ri-CREARE festival, 2014

With this experience and skill, I approached the empty centro storico – not as a problem and public liability (as it was viewed by most locals at the time) – but as a blank canvas and community resource, with immensely valuable potential.


Ri-CREARE festival, 2014, outside the Arthouse

My enthusiasm and hard work at the beginning of the interest from abroad helped shift perception about the old town in a relatively short period.


scambia culturale and lots of fun!

I was protagonist on a practical level, to initiate the great flow of stranieri into the empty houses, and I’ve initiated multifarious intercultural events in Guardia…


photo by Charlotte Sørensen

I continue to bring visitors to Guardia from all over the world, and to inspire locals to see the town and landscape with new eyes. I’ve stimulated masses of cultural and language exchange, inspiring a multitude of people to set up projects, homes and dreams – here and in other countries!


2014’s Terra Vivente art studio, which I had a key role in establishing

My perspective on how it is to live as a foreigner here is uniquely deep, having been here for 6 yrs, and having been very involved in the community.

I hope the guidebook will help others to find their feet in Guardia Sanframondi.

screenshot of book cover w. excerpt

The guidebook is also my first step in getting my ideas around community and creative transformation, into print as guidebooks – I’ll be exploring many interconnected ideas throughout the Live Like A Happy Artist book series.

Read a further excerpt, and buy now on LULU- click here

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coverjpglowresThe GUARDIA SANFRAMONDI calendar 2016

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Tante belle cose, Clare xx




My illness this past fortnight, particularly painful and incapacitating, was probably the most transformative period I’ve had in all my creative years. I’ll tell you why, though I’m slightly nervous about the confessional aspects:

Firstly, I don’t approach being sick in the conventional way. Nor do I follow a ‘complimentary’ path. I’m hardcore listening-to-illness-as-a-means-of-spiritual-transformation type. I get that this riles people on many levels, from doctors to family, who see a symptom and want to jump on it, stamp it out like it’s a spark threatening to burn down the house.

For me, the aggressive approach resonates with many stances throughout modern cultures: ultimately, it’s knee-jerk intervention, from a place of fear. Interference is the presumed norm; getting in the way of natural processes and cycles – anything which can work itself out. We like to be busy, and to be seen to be useful: we value doing, and become uncomfortable with others who allow things to just be.


But here are 5 good reasons why I’d listen to a disease, rather than react to it:

  1. The reasons we’re ill are most often directly related to the path we’ve been on up until becoming so; they’re often many, always interconnected. We do great service to our lives, and to the lives and health of others, by looking inwards when we’re sick.
  2. Symptoms give us the space, the silence, the rest, which we need, even when our mind is jibing away about returning to work.
  3. Symptoms are the body’s means of expressing disharmony – they need to be allowed to be let out.
  4. If symptoms are halted or suppressed in any way, the underlying causes of those symptoms will be even more difficult to see.
  5. The underlying reasons will continue to be out of kilter, and will continue to develop symptoms, but are likely to create new symptoms on a deeper level, less visible to us.


The fact it’s considered normal to want to put a lid on our symptoms, and then get right back to what they interrupted us from doing, is a kind of psychosis. Or at best, it’s certainly not healthy; it suggests that we are tied into a kind of bondage, if we can’t take the time and space to attend to the spiritual, to our underlying well-being, when we’re ill.

But it can be frightening being ill and in pain; our stability and continuity is challenged – we don’t know for sure if it might spiral downwards into something more serious – everyone around us is baying about medicine: it’s best to just take the pill than to trust one’s body, of all things.

This is where it gets a bit back-to-front for me, because doctors and friends are there telling me to follow the ‘sensible’ route, and I’m there thinking ‘how do I explain that I don’t believe in their highly suspect reality?!’ The pharmaceutical industry is based on super-wobbly mythologies, and is intertwined with the über macho psyche of our whole cultural: destroy, before you are destroyed!

This paradigm only works because we’ve been temporarily lulled into believing that we’re better to trust someone else about our mind-body-spirit than ourselves: just look at schools, churches, governments. And so that becomes true for lots of people: they don’t have any access to their own healing power, their self-knowledge, they no longer see their own symptoms not as a means of learning. Pain is seen not as a signpost, but something either to be quickly snuffed out (beit by pill, booze or other numbing factor), or fetishised – shared and compared.


I’m here on this planet neither as a subscriber to pharmaceutical companies, nor to quell the fears of everyone who thinks we shouldn’t feel pain and have symptoms. I believe what I do, because of years of healing and listening, studying and deepening, of knowing myself, and knowing enough about how the mind-body-spirit functions (not to be arrogant, but) to trust in the power of my body to heal itself.

I’m here in this lifetime to grow spiritually, and to learn more about energy, consciousness, illumination. That’s why, coming out of a fortnight of physical overwhelm, I feel myself renewed deep inside; calm in my spirit and mind, healed emotionally, happy and free: I feel all my levels aligned, and aligned with my external life again.

I’ll be writing more about the subject of the pain body and transforming creatively, in the Live Like A Happy Artist book series.

Lots of love, Clare xx


PS! Get a window into my studio, book excerpts, insight, sharing, and very special patron boons which no-one else gets, right here. AND watch out for news of the INSIDER’S GUIDE TO GUARDIA – coming very sooon!

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village man and firebird girl, 2007

Following my mastermind last week, several veils were lifted away (as often happens when we put our heads together with a potent group of like-minders), and I got crystal clear about how I’d been masquerading as a disciplined and dedicated artist…. when really I was overworking something awful.

Eeek – how did that happen?! The summer came up behind me and crashed over my head like a sandstorm, and kind of left me reeling!

Looking deep, I could see my mantra ‘I want to be free – no time restrictions at all – I want to be completely free creatively’. Of course it’s a great ideal to be free, but looking harder, I could see how there was something obstinate about this mantra: it was like a frisky pony, sneaking out of the field whenever one’s back was turned, diving away whenever someone tried to put a saddle on it, just plain ignoring any calls to discipline…

Living one’s life like a frisky pony is fine and good if we want an untamed horse lifestyle when we grow up – clopping about all over the hillsides, exposed to the elements, willing to fight off beasts and hunters.


the church and the sun, painting in progress

But if we want to live a civilised and comfortable life, it can be an issue to have a wild animal in the house! This is a great metaphor for me, in my ongoing discourse between freedom versus stability. All of us have some stormy element within us. We all have primal parts which need to be expressed, which are undomesticated. but there is a time and a place to let our wild self lead, and its never indoors.

(My own issue was never with the free spiritd-ness of my lifestyle: from an early age I said it like it is, sang and danced barefoot, upped and left with the seasons; settling down became difficult, as my unchallenged feisty instinct refused to adapt to the new pace of life. Schedules and commitments gave me the willies, and I methodically ignored or kicked-back against any of the responsibilities which are a natural consequence of putting down roots.)

Chatting with my wise women friends, it became obvious. As they questioned me more, my responses showed I was losing vast amounts of energy by confusing the busy-ness of my enthusiastic creative outpourings, with useful and focussed work which would actually lead me towards my goals. At the same time, I was leaving important things unfinished, and allowing all kinds of triviality to invade my studio.


wild swimming, painting in progress

I always equated freedom with the absolute lack of containment, but have learned that, without the container, the energy can’t be harvested sufficiently; all our force spills out, and so can’t alchemise into the kind of potency we require, to do our maximum good work in the world.


the girl in the landscape, painting in progress

It’s easy to spend energy, but unless we’re gathering it at the same time, and holding it – it escapes our control.

Here are 5 main areas which I recommend looking at, if we’re losing a lot of energy on the way to our dreams:

1. self-care and the right amount of rest
2. knowing your worth
3. being inspired
4. privacy/ lack of distractions
5. antidoting of the daily damage we’re exposed to
6. discipline appropriate to our goals and aspirations

For me, this last one is the most pertinent: it means working on my boundaries and schedules – and taming my instinct to buckaroo! It means acknowledging the depth of my dreams, whilst implementing behaviours which correspond with that dream being manifest -not cantering all over the place in joyous fervour, whinnying and stamping my hooves!

In practical terms, this means buying a proper agenda and creating a more concise schedule, then telling people who interrupt me that I am working: simple, potent, actionable! I’m also honing my sharings, and upping rewards on Patreon.

What’s your experience of discipline versus overworking? Have you nailed it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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vedi giu in italiano

I came across it at practically every exhibition I ever had; it was the first thing folks said to me, like a disclaimer, before expressing a view on any painting.

“I don’t know anything about art, but…”

“I’m not creative at all, but…”

And these confessions were invariably accompanied by mild shame.

Folks seemed embarrassed by some unworthiness to pass comment on art and/ or the creative process – the latter being perceived as a magical-mystical skill and the exclusive realm of the fine artist.

It’s no small thing, and it comes up again and again; this tendency to confess inferiority prior to speaking their (now watered down) truth.

It might seem like a very minor neurosis, but to me (as a working artist having spent 41½ yrs delving deeper and deeper into the creative process) it appears more like a compounded symptom of disconnect from the divine.



This might all sound rather dramatic at first, but understanding how we have been literally brainwashed out of our inherent spirituality, is a key factor in unlocking many of our cultural and societal ills.

What our feeling “I’m not creative” really means is:

• our spontaneous activity in the everyday is completely interfered with

• from a young age we’re taught to always doubt our intuition

• we’re brainwashed into believing that logic should always over-ride feelings

• we’re encouraged to have significant shame about our own emotions

• we’re conditioned into having only specific feelings, because they can be monetised

• our shame is also monetised

It effectively means that all of our problems and choices in all the situations we come across in our lives, are interrupted with in one way or another: instead of seeking spontaneous solutions with what we find around us –and our own ingenuity, we automatically think of a transaction we need to make, which would give us a neat manufactured remedy for the issue.

Again, this might all sound rather over-the-top (in a world where it is entirely acceptable to be stiff and closed energetically, aggressive and controlling psychologically, and/ or über-neurotic), but if you look behind the thin veneer of social orderliness, you can see a contrasting alternative reality, glaring back.

If we don’t step outside of the collective ‘norm’, we tend not to challenge this reality. But if you don’t know something is broken, you wouldn’t assume to fix it, eh?


I’m excited to be working on the first books in the LIVE LIKE A HAPPY ARTIST series right now: they aim to open peoples’ eyes to the sacred everyday – and the many ways in nwhich we can unblock our creative potency.

The series begins with simple colouring-in and mark-making books, and will build up to more powerful transformational projects.


I’m particularly looking forward to the doll-making one, as I have a passionate interest in how we can both understand our relationship with our body by drawing it intuitively, and how we can change ourselves by hand-making bodies which are metaphors for how we want to live!

Looking forward to sharing it all with you!

                                            Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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Ho trovato in quasi ogni mostra ho mai fatto; era la prima cosa le gente mi hanno detto, come una rinuncia, prima d’esprimere un opinione su d’un quadro.

“Io conosco niente in rispetto l’arte, ma…”

“Io assolutamente non sono creative, ma…”

Queste confessione stanno quasi sempre accompagnata con una tipa di lieve vergogna.

Le gente sembravano sempre imbarazzate, d’un tale indegnità per commentare sull’arte e/ o il processo creativo – quest’ultimo essendo percepito come un abilità magica e mistica, ed il regno esclusivo degli artisti.

Non è una piccola cosa, e succederà ripetutamente; questa tendenza di confessare, prima d’esprimere loro (adesso diluita) verità.

Può sembrare una nevrosi minore, ma per me (come un artista molto attiva, con 41½ anni d’esperienza zampando più e più profondo nel processo creative) sembra più come un sintomo aggravato di sconnessione dal divino.

quando siamo detto


Al inizio, può sembrare un po’ drammatica, ma comprendo come siamo stati praticamente lavato del cervello per perdere nostro spiritualità innata, è uno fattore chiave nel sbloccando di tante nostri problemi – sia sociale e culturale.

Ma nostro sentimento “Io non sono creative” significa in realtà:

• nostra attività nella quotidiana e completamente interferito

• d’un età infantile, siamo insegnato di avere dubbio su di nostri intuizioni

siamo lavati del cervelli, per credere che il logico dev’essere sempre in controllo degli sentimenti

• siamo incoraggiati per avere vergogno assai di nostri emozioni

siamo condizionate per avere solo emozioni particolari, perché possono essere monetizzate

nostro vergogno è anche monetizzato

In realtà, questa significa che tutti nostri problemi e scelte, in tutti i situazioni dove arriviamo in nostre vite, sono interrotto in qualche modo; invece di cercare per soluzioni spontaneamente, con c’io che troviamo vicino – e nostro ingenuità, pensiamo automaticamente d’un transazione dobbiamo fare, che può risolvere la problema in una moda molto pulito e distaccato.

Ancora, questa può sentire proprio esagerata (in un mondo dove è completamente accettabile per essere molto rigido e chiuso energeticamente, aggressivo e controllando psicologicamente, anche/ o sia super-nevrotico), ma se si vedi dietro il velo sottili di ordine sociale, puoi vedere una realtà alternative, che contrasta molto.

Se non scapiamo un po’ della ‘norma’ collettiva, abbiamo la tendenza di non avere interessa per cambiare niente. Ma se non sai una cosa è rotto, non pensati per risolvere, no?


Sono emozionante per essere lavorando su i primi libri nella serie VIVERE COME UN ARTISTA FELICE in questo momento: i libri aspirano per aprire le occhi delle gente per vedere il sacro nel ogni giorno –  è per le tante mode in cui possiamo sbloccare nostra potenziale creative.

La serie inizia con semplice libri per colorare e disegnare, e sviluppano fino libri su progetti più potente nel senso di trasformazione creative.


In particolare, non vedo l’ora di fare questo su facendo bambole, perche ho un interessa passionata su come possiamo sapere nostro rapporto col corpo, quando facciamo disegni in una moda intuitiva. E’ come cambiamo per il meglio, quando facciamo a mano simboli dei corpi, che sono metafore per come vogliamo vivere!

Sono impazienta di condividere tutto con te!

                                            Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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sei italiano? italiano in scritto corsivo, sotto l’inglese

Have you ever been on a pilgrimage?

I don’t mean a religious one, per se: I mean, a trip to a place where you were heart-burstingly inspired… a journey which transformed you on a cellular level.

Sei mai stato in un pellegrinaggio?

Non intendo uno viaggio religioso, di per sé: voglio dire, un escursione in uno luogo in cui sei stato ispirato tantissimo, e quasi spezzato il tuo cuore un viaggietto che ti trasformato a livello cellulare.

DSC_1427A couple of weeks ago, we headed out from Guardia, just as the dawn was bringing the sky to the most profound shade of blue before sunrise, bound for Niki De Saint Phalle’s sculpture garden in Capalbio.

It was rather a too-long drive for a two hour visit but, even the uber-windy plains west of Rome, the creaky service stations, the trees to the road-side… quite honestly, they all seemed imbued with a real beauty and magic that day!

Un paio di settimane fa, noi abbiamo capeggiato fuori da Guardia, giusto quando l’alba stava portando il cielo ad una tonalità di blu più profonda possibile… Siamo andati al giardino dei tarrocchi di Niki De Saint Phalle a Capalbio.

Era piuttosto un troppo lungo viaggio in auto per una mera visita di due ore ma, anche le pianure ventosissime ad ovest di Roma, le stazioni di servizio scricchiolanti, gli alberi sul lato della strada onestamente, questo giorno sembravano tutti imbevuti d’una vera bellezza e magia!

DSC_1432And then there was the garden.

Oh my…

I found it very difficult to hold back tears (i.e. I cried) entering this space, where you see the artist’s studio (above) and the waterfall, and the dragon and child, and the justice sculpture… it was so visually stimulating, enrichingly colourful, emotionally charged in the most profoundly-healing-wild-feminine-positivity kind of a way!

E poi c’era il giardino.

Oh dio

Ho trovato molto difficile tenere indietro le lacrime (cioè ho pianto) entrando in questo spazio, dove si vede lo studio dell’artista (sopra) e la cascata, ed il drago ed il bambino, e la scultura della giustizia era così stimolante visivamente, arricchendo colorati, caricato d’emozioni in modo più profondoguarando-selvaggia-femminilepositività possibile!

DSC_1430Walking through the garden, taking in each piece (the sculptures are based on characters from the tarot) was a revelation: seeing such a vibrant expression of a person’s creative vision, walking into it, experiencing it under this divine light of brilliant morning sunshine…

Passeggiando per il giardino, assorbendo ogni pezzo (le sculture si basano su caratteri dal tarocco) è stata una rivelazione: di vedere una tale vivace espressione della visione creativa di una persona, camminando in esso, avendo questa esperienza sotto questa luce divina del sole brillante del mattino.

DSC_1463  It was extremely inspiring, shall we say!

We wandered around alone, amongst ebbs and flows of children and elderly women, then found each other again, and shared our amazement.

È stato estremamente ispirazionale, diciamo!

Abbiamo gironzolato intorno soli, tra flussi e riflussi di bambini e donne anziane, poi trovato di nuovo l’un l’altro, e condiviso il nostro stupore.


DSC_1447We were mesmerised and bubbling with joy, feeling wild laughter and defiance and determination ripe to overflow, as we contemplated the life and work of the woman who had created this magical place.

Siamo stati affascinati e spumeggiante con la gioia, ci siamo sentiti maturi per traboccare con una risata selvaggio, siamo rimasti così soddisfatti con la sfida e determinazione, mentre abbiamo contemplato la vita ed il lavoro della donna che aveva creato questo luogo magico.


thanks to Kate Mackay (above) for the photos she took of me (below)!

DSC_1529Kate and I sat on the roof of Niki’s voluptuous sphynx-woman studio, and wove such startlingly bright clarity: we had the sense of being in a place which was WHOLE; where the artist had left the legacy of her energetic-creative footprint. We imagined ourselves growing such a place, and allowing others to be so inspired by walking through our artwork!

Kate ed io, eravamo seduti sul tetto della voluttuosa sfingedonna studio di Niki, e noi tessevano tale chiarezza straordinariamente brillante: abbiamo avuto la sensazione di essere in un posto che era INTERO; dove l’artista aveva lasciata l’eredità del suo impronta energetico-creativo. Abbiamo immaginato noi stessi coltivando un posto simile, ed permettendo ad altri di essere ispirati così camminando attraverso la nostra opera d’arte!

moon1(I love this coincidental alignment of pose!)

(Amo questo allineamento di posa casuale!)

DSC_1536 DSC_1569


DSC_1544 The visit was all the more potent for us, as Kate is 5 months pregnant, and I am studying a course on awakening our core divine feminine with Kim Anami! The humongous breasts, vivacious curves and deep holes, and depictions of sacred forms from all cultures; for Kate and I, as artists who also use the female figure in our work a great deal: what  n o u r i s h m e n t  and AFFIRMATION!

La visita è stata ancora più potenti per noi, come Kate è incinta 5 mesi, ed io sto studiando un corso di risvegliare il nostro nucleo divino femminile con Kim Anami! I seni giganteschi, curve vivaci e buche profonde, e raffigurazioni di forme sacre di tutte le culture; per Kate ed io, come artisti che utilizzano anche la figura femminile nel nostro lavoro molto: che nutrimento ed affermazione!

 DSC_1574 DSC_1582 DSC_1590There is a huge shift happening in the world right now; from the old, rigid masculine ways, which have been forced upon us all for millenea, to a more balanced harmonious collective conciousness. It is slow to come though, and as it comes, the old regime realises, and tries to impose its rigidity all the more. But it is too late- one cannot halt a shift in consciousness, one can only observe, and/ or contribute positively.

It’s not just about returning to the feminine, but creating healthy dynamic equilibrium between yin and yang.

C’è un enorme cambiamento accadendo nel mondo in questo momento; dai vecchi e rigidi metodi maschili, che sono state costrette a tutti noi da millenni, ad un armonico coscienza collettiva più equilibrata. E’ lento a venire, però. E, come viene, il vecchio regime rende conto, e cerca di imporre il suo rigidità ancor più. Ma è troppo tardi. Non si può fermare un cambiamento nella coscienza, si può solo osservare, e / o contribuire in modo positivo.

Non è una questione solo di tornare al femminile, ma la creazione d’un equilibrio sano e dinamico, tra yin e yang.

DSC_1593A lot of Niki De Saint Phalle’s artwork, as with many great female artists, was intensely a) autobiographical, b) archetypal, and c) cathartic. She, like many other great artists, realised that when you dive deeply and creatively into your own transformation, your spiritual liberation and potential, you do essential work for the collective too.

Un sacco di opere d’arte di Niki De Saint Phalle, come con molti grandi artisti femminile, era intensamente a) autobiografico, b) archetipico, e c) catartico. Lei, come molti altri grandi artisti, rese conto che quando ci si immerge in modo creativo profondo dentro il tuo trasformazione personale, la tua liberazione e potenziale spirituale, si fa lavoro essenziale anche per la collettività.

DSC_1600All that we create and heal, radiates outwards to support positive change in all of us: our work is able to speak to the collective, because it is pure, and whole, and it echoes through the ages.

When art is pure, it is an open door to the divine: a gateway which allows us both to see and to step into the greater experience of being human- the state of being connected to the universal intelligence.

Tutto ciò che creiamo e guarire, irradia verso l’esterno per sostenere il cambiamento positivo in ognuno di noi: il nostro lavoro è in grado di parlare con il collettivo, perché è puro, e intero, e riecheggia attraverso i secoli.

Quando l’arte è pura, è una porta aperta al divino: un cancello che ci permette sia di vedere e di entrare nel maggiore esperienza dell’essere umano: lo stato di essere collegato all’intelligenza universale.

DSC_1605But it also DESTROYS: it obliterates untruth and falsity, pretence and insincerity; it burns veils and prejudices which obscure our vision, so that we can see more clearly; it shines light into all the dark corners of our being and our existence.

Ma DISTRUGGE anche: si cancella la menzogna e la falsità, la finzione e ipocrisia; brucia veli e pregiudizi che oscurano la nostra visione, in modo che possiamo vedere più preciso; brilla la luce in tutti gli angoli scuri del nostro essere ed esistenza.


The rest of our day was spent in a semi-daze,resonating with the energy of what we’d been exposed to, falling into bed after our second 5 hour drive of the day; exhausted but extra-sparkly-eyed! Inspiration re-charged for the next year!

Il resto del nostro giorno è stato fatto in un quasiintontimento, in risonanza con l’energia di quello che eravamo stati esposti. Cadendo nel letto dopo il nostro secondo 5ora-di-auto del giorno: esausti ma con gli occhi-extra-luccicanti! Ispirazione ricaricata per i mesi successivi!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ JOY! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ GIOIA! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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