2018 has been a challenging year: I have been working at a very low ebb since the winter, with serious issues connected to my pelvis and my throat, and have become increasingly incapacitated. My symptoms have now got very much in the way of my work, and my income has been impossibly low.

This illness comes at the end of a long period of years in which my health has fluctuated up and down on the low side of ‘okay’, and occasionally hit a relative rock-bottom.


new work on paper

It’s a strange kind of relief to finally have the situation reach a state that demands full attention – and concerted, ongoing action.

Because of my whole-istic approach, it has been a long, complex and steep learning curve, to find appropriate healing modalities. There are few comprehensive alternatives… And no conventional ones – that don’t involve the compartmentalisation of the body-mind-spirit – and the perversity of poking around inside, or experimentally cutting bits out.


new work on paper (detail)

I’m confident now that the cures that I’m using will support my body to heal itself naturally.

However, having had little-to-no income over past months, and needing specialist medicines, a richer diet, and a less anxiety-ridden mental-emotional state, in order to get me functioning again – I’m putting out this call for blessed financial support. 

If you feel abundant enough to share even the smallest donation towards my healing, I will be grateful from my core – just click on the image below. 

Thank you for listening