If you don’t know about Patreon, it’s an extraordinary platform that allows less-commercial artists like myself create a real, sustainable career.

We’re able to build a steady, ongoing income, at the same time as evolving and developing our unique potential as creatives!

Why is Patreon so important?!

Because for a loooong time (yes, millennia!), art and creativity have slowly been turned into a rich man’s game. When actually, it should be a gateway for human consciousness to know and expand itself…

Patreon is a platform that allows us to transform the polemic that has allows culture to say that art is only for the rich – a mythology which is even now being enhanced by the very tool that should have liberated it – the internet, which is making independent artists work even harder for their money, if they don’t want it commodified and prostituted to a soul-sucking corporation.

These dynamics have not only kept artists in poverty BUT have kept the average human being from understanding the immensity of their own creative power.

Beings without access to their own immense creative potential are really easy to control: they can be told what to eat, when and where to mate, how to birth, etc, etc, etc. And all to feed the profits of those at the top. People think they have choice, because they see in front of them all these purchase options…. But they’re choosing from 1000 different kinds of shite, rather than being able to take real, true, potent, energy-harvesting life-enhancing decisions in their lives.

Anyways, as a direct result of my Patreon support, I’ve been able to dramatically shift my relationship with my public. I’ve been able to develop my website-newsletter-online presence, set up an online art school, publish books, get into the depth of the spiritual aspect of my work, evolve my arthouse and B&B, develop art residencies, and make it to an award ceremony suitably-attired! 

Plus TONS of other amazing stuff that I’d have never been able to achieve, if it wasn’t for that essential moral, emotional and financial sustenance: THANK YOU PATRONS!

When artists aren’t struggling to put food on the table; when they’re nourished and warm, and able to relax – whole other dimensions open up in their art.


And when people have a direct-line to artists, they’re able to see more depth, colour and meaning in their own everyday: it can get their creative juices flowing, as they see an artistic practise expand in front of their eyes. They get to enter into the creative process of the artist, and to contribute and cheer them on, as well as accessing tons of rewards like massive discounts and freebies!

Visit me on Patreon HERE and join me in my abundant creative flow!


some creative abundance from Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden