I have a prolific output as an artist, and have at least a hundred paintings, small works, sketches and other creations in my collection at any one time… I very rarely exhibit, and prefer to speak directly with clients and patrons.

You browse a select choice of my paintings in my Etsy shop, but my catalogue has the full, up-to-date collection of over 70 paintings.

ItThe catalogue contains tons of insight into the paintings, plus a guide to buying. Please always check that you have the most recently-updated copy of the catalogue – contact me if you have purchased one and need a more recent copy.

Purchase my art catalogue here

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Most of my clients visit my Italian arthouse studio to see my paintings.

How to make a big decision around investing in art? Here are some pointers:

Art is not a static object – your relationship with it will evolve dynamically over the years that it lives with you: it’s something we should be connected to through feeling, as sentience is what anchors us more deeply in the synchrony of the world.

My art badges are available on Etsy: they come in 3 sizes, and I sell them in packs of 12.

I do a range with positive affirmations on, as you can see above, and am happy to work to your specifics, if you love a particular painting, and are ordering a large enough number. Contact me via my Etsy pages.

My art books are available on Blurb – coffee table fine art books with my art and writings on subjects like Queendom (women’s awakening to their sacred purpose in relation to the masculine, in this time), and Land, Prayer (how our deeper relationship with the landscape is becoming profoundly alive).

Also, my Live Like A Happy Artist book series is on Lulu publishing platform – it’s based around The School Of Real Art – steps into our deepest unique intuitive, into healing and transforming our self, and into knowing our harmonious place in the world.


“Guardia Sanframondi is a gem of a town which is rapidly gaining international attention, as the spiralling-upwards effect set off by a famous TV show continues to grow.

Here’s the town in all its grit and nuance, by the very protagonist who set off the Guardia Renaissance movement – and who holds the Keys To The City!

Get the best tips on how to navigate the culture, language, climate, quirks and joys of this magical town, by reading this essential behind-the-scenes guide.”

This is my famous guide to Guardia, written to avoid thousands of repeat questions which were pouring into my inbox, back when House-Hunters International first gave the town global attention… You can buy both a hardback copy or convenient ebook.

FEB 2014 final pages chronology


“What Pumpkins Dream is a very special children’s book, recounting the story of a pumpkin who wants to change his own destiny – how can he get watermelons to take the rap at Hallowe’en, and free the pumpkins?! His dreams guide him to look within, and as the year progresses, he starts to see what the deep meaning is behind his existence”

It’s a truly beautiful book, full of colour, depth and meaning, and inspiring us to look at the cycle of life in a positive light. It was a collaboration-commission, with Canadian author Jeff Kendall’s moving story (which came to him in a dream 10 years before), and my support both illustrating and refining the narrative. We are very proud to have this meaningful, modern children’s book available online here.

The School Of Real Art’s flagship course is currently being created – and released lesson by lesson over on my Patreon (get access to it all, by signing up there)

The SORA has several podcast series available; conversations to free your immense creative potential, and inspire you into The Art Of Life.

See more about my online art school here, and sign up for free over on Teachable.

I work with the beautiful platform Vacation With An Artist – I have guests from around the globe come to work with me in Guardia Sanframondi’s atmospheric medieval quarter. We spend days immersed in La Dolce Vita, waking up your unique creative flow, and honing your skills and expression.


It’s a bespoke holiday, using drawing and painting to work with your chosen subject; learn – or improve – how you engage with painting and drawing skillfully, being guided gently throughout.


There are only a few select places per year for these bespoke retreats: find out more on VAWAA’s website.