So as not to get drowned in a veritable tsunami of creative outpourings – here’s a guide to help you navigate:


I am a free-minded, VERY un-conventional creative adventurer, from a small wild corner of a Scottish island: a proper feral artist. I’ve consistently chosen a relatively radical lifestyle, so as to stay happy and healthy, and to keep complete creative control over my life. I speak my truth from a pretty darn deep place, and don’t mince my words… ever. I feel strongly about my life mission to free our collective conscious to be happy and creative. 

I’m actively passionate (and a tad wordy) about the following: the awakening of the sacred feminine – the equilibrium between the feminine and the masculine collective – using art to move us ALL towards our immense and unique artistic potential – pulling away the veils and contemporary lore (lies, lies and damned lies!) around art and artists and opening minds about why REAL art is so very essential in the world today – and using the expansive, healing energy of real art to enrich everything.

I get pretty serious about all this at times… so if you’re not into that kind of thing – click away now!

now answer these Qs:


1Do you love art?

Would you like to see some art with colour, energy and meaning, by an artist called to their practise from a deep place? And would you love to own a piece of art, but have questions you want to ask the artist?

  • See my ART PAGES and my ETSY shop, and just contact me with any queries.


  • You may also love to join me as a patron to get big discounts + see new paintings first + payment plans on PATREON



2) Want to know what real art is? 

If you want to support the real arts, see behind the scenes, really understand where art comes from and what it has the potential to do in the world – and to have a direct line with the artist?




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3) Do you want to live a more fulfilled, creative life?

Would you love to learn how to work with the beautiful magic of the primal art materials: pencil, oil paint, paper…? Do you harbour a dream of one day really tapping into your huge artistic potential? Or do you have this mysterious urge to just make something…?

Well, it’s actually your fricking birth-right to be a creative genius, and the world simply isn’t set up for people like us to flourish…. BUT my world IS, and I’ll show you the way:


  • Join me on PATREON – I share lots of insights and excerpts from the school there – plus massive discounts for patrons.



4) Would you like to work face-to-face, one-on-one?

There are a select few places every year, for folks looking to explore their unique creative potential, or to inject some new life into their artistic practise, to nourish themselves creatively or to transform something specific and personal through art – my magical haven in Italy is the place to visit.

  • See the Vacation With An Artist platform on VAWAA


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5) Would you like to see my art books?

I have a variety of books with my paintings and my expressive, radical-spiritual, wild feminine, liberated-happy-creative writings …


  • Join me on PATREON to be gifted ALL my publications in ebook!



6) E finalmente: sei italiano?