Your pocket guide to Guardia Sanframondi is about to go to press!

It is not a conventional guidebook: it will not mention anything to do with historical blahblah or wine festivals or bus timetables: it’ll be about all the potent stuff which you can’t find, on-line or otherwhere.

It’s packed with essential insider info which a person who’s looking to buy a house here will crave: the missing lights to land you steady and firmly on the ground here.

view of the town, from the castle

The new community in the centro storico (medieval quarter) of Guardia is expanding and evolving: cultural projects of all kinds are being set up, folks are being inspired – here and abroad – to follow their dreams and transform their lives.

There’s a definite buzz and atmosphere, which is radiating ouwards, and this is bound to accelerate even further, as yet another episode of house hunters TV has just been filmed.

It’s not all La Dolce Vita though!

There are plenty of questions and frictions, folks being ripped off and needs not being met which, as the only foreigner living here year-round, long-term and intimately connected with the local and foreign communities, I’m the best qualified to advise on.

The book will also have info for how to deal the weather and wildlife summer and winter, maps to orientate you, and loads of tips and hints to make life run as smooth as it possibly can, once you arrive.

And this week, I’m calling out to all of you who have visited/ would love to visit, the town:

What would you like to see in a guidebook?

What are the key questions about Guardia Sanframondi, which you haven’t yet found answers to?

I’d hugely appreciate your feedback: contact me in the comments below, or via a private message here


photo credit, Kat Tan 2015

Tante belle cose, Clare xx


my favourite wild swimming place, where we escaped to this afternoon

So: there’s a time for tweaking, and there’s a time for busting through our own glass ceiling.

Sometimes fiddling around the edges is not enough, as our groove has been trodden too deep, and we’re stuck in it, with muddy clay hardening around our wheels!

Last week, still buzzing from the energetic lift of my mastermind with my wise women, I decided there needed to be an equivalent significant shift in my mind and my plans for the future (they were also in need of a polish!)

My brainstorming with Bi and Kat had got me realising that I’d been setting my medium-term goals rather too low, what with being caught up in the infinite details of house restoration, taking my business forward, inspiring community, improving my Italiano, and generally feeling behind schedule in all of these and multifarious other projects…

It had built into a huge mountain of minutiae, which I was sifting through oh-so-painfully slowly; the tasks were weighing on me, rather than feeling satisfying.

When we’re in this state, we welcome interruption and distraction, and get caught in a cycle of frustration with everything. We feel our control over our destiny ebbing away.

So it was clearly time for a big shift in intention! I began a fresh mind-map of what my bigger dream is – it has evolved (grown bigger!) so I needed to adjust my perception accordingly.


drawings from Angela Smyth’s recent show: see full film here

We have to tend to our dreams like a garden, otherwise they’ll wither and eventually die, frankly. All dreams change with time, and as we get closer to them, we have to alter our course, to be able to actually arrive there. And then renavigate towards the next dream!

My own glass ceiling, which was blocking me from really claiming my goal involved:

  1. being stuck in the mundane – not in a good way
  2. being blocked by some core fears around money – around my own worth and value
  3. thinking ‘I can only ever go this far’ – not giving myself room to dream bigger

Now, these were quite big hurdles for me, but the discomfort of noticing them was a flag, a clear indicator, that something needed tending too: all discomfort and/ or dissatisfaction is inherently a gift, because it’s a guider towards what we need to do next, in order to be happier.


photo by Kat Tan: me on the hill behind Guardia, feeling purposeful!

My mind-map helped me refresh my bigger dream, and got me thinking up some new thoughts, about more empowering options for the next year or two: one of them was to imagine how it would be if I sold the arthouse. I even put a post out on social media, asking my friends what they thought the house’d be worth.

This was a stupendous exercise for me, to both get me out of this feeling of being ‘just getting by’, and making me realise that, at any point, I can change my direction hugely: if I really wanted to, I could sell the house for a great price, buy a brilliant campervan, and go travelling around Europe for the next few years! Now, I’m unlikely to actually do it, but knowing it is an option gives me a great sense of liberation!

Note the difference between allowing yourself to imagine a thing, to know it’s a choice you potentially have: this helps our minds to open to the possibilities of our dreams.

There are always reasons we ‘cannot’ achieve any goal, just as there are always as many (or more) reasons that we CAN. It is up to us to choose which path to take. Why the heck do we focus on potential defeat, rather than potential success?!


our camp site today, by the wild swimming pool – inspiration for the painting below

A negative mantra blocks us completely, because it deters us from making the simple, do-able first steps towards any goal. Altering our negative thinking, putting a new positive mantra in its place, we can start behaving like we’re actually going to do the thing. In this way, we begin to towards them. The key to our dreams can be the tiniest of missing links in a chain of actions required. It might be a small link, but it connects one part of our story, with the next.


almost-finished painting, inspired by my favourite swimming hole, above

 My thinking what it’d be like to sell my house, allowed me to ‘escape’ – in a positive sense – it set my mental and emotional energies free, so that my whole lifestyle became once more a lovely adventure, rather than a dull load weighing heavily on my shoulders. Here’s to escapism!

I’ll be sharing more videos of exhibitions + events + quiet adventures at the arthouse, via my Patreon pages – sign up to have access to it all; just click here

tante belle cose, Clare xx

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village man and firebird girl, 2007

Following my mastermind last week, several veils were lifted away (as often happens when we put our heads together with a potent group of like-minders), and I got crystal clear about how I’d been masquerading as a disciplined and dedicated artist…. when really I was overworking something awful.

Eeek – how did that happen?! The summer came up behind me and crashed over my head like a sandstorm, and kind of left me reeling!

Looking deep, I could see my mantra ‘I want to be free – no time restrictions at all – I want to be completely free creatively’. Of course it’s a great ideal to be free, but looking harder, I could see how there was something obstinate about this mantra: it was like a frisky pony, sneaking out of the field whenever one’s back was turned, diving away whenever someone tried to put a saddle on it, just plain ignoring any calls to discipline…

Living one’s life like a frisky pony is fine and good if we want an untamed horse lifestyle when we grow up – clopping about all over the hillsides, exposed to the elements, willing to fight off beasts and hunters.


the church and the sun, painting in progress

But if we want to live a civilised and comfortable life, it can be an issue to have a wild animal in the house! This is a great metaphor for me, in my ongoing discourse between freedom versus stability. All of us have some stormy element within us. We all have primal parts which need to be expressed, which are undomesticated. but there is a time and a place to let our wild self lead, and its never indoors.

(My own issue was never with the free spiritd-ness of my lifestyle: from an early age I said it like it is, sang and danced barefoot, upped and left with the seasons; settling down became difficult, as my unchallenged feisty instinct refused to adapt to the new pace of life. Schedules and commitments gave me the willies, and I methodically ignored or kicked-back against any of the responsibilities which are a natural consequence of putting down roots.)

Chatting with my wise women friends, it became obvious. As they questioned me more, my responses showed I was losing vast amounts of energy by confusing the busy-ness of my enthusiastic creative outpourings, with useful and focussed work which would actually lead me towards my goals. At the same time, I was leaving important things unfinished, and allowing all kinds of triviality to invade my studio.


wild swimming, painting in progress

I always equated freedom with the absolute lack of containment, but have learned that, without the container, the energy can’t be harvested sufficiently; all our force spills out, and so can’t alchemise into the kind of potency we require, to do our maximum good work in the world.


the girl in the landscape, painting in progress

It’s easy to spend energy, but unless we’re gathering it at the same time, and holding it – it escapes our control.

Here are 5 main areas which I recommend looking at, if we’re losing a lot of energy on the way to our dreams:

1. self-care and the right amount of rest
2. knowing your worth
3. being inspired
4. privacy/ lack of distractions
5. antidoting of the daily damage we’re exposed to
6. discipline appropriate to our goals and aspirations

For me, this last one is the most pertinent: it means working on my boundaries and schedules – and taming my instinct to buckaroo! It means acknowledging the depth of my dreams, whilst implementing behaviours which correspond with that dream being manifest -not cantering all over the place in joyous fervour, whinnying and stamping my hooves!

In practical terms, this means buying a proper agenda and creating a more concise schedule, then telling people who interrupt me that I am working: simple, potent, actionable! I’m also honing my sharings, and upping rewards on Patreon.

What’s your experience of discipline versus overworking? Have you nailed it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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photo credit Kat Tan

My trusty masterminding companions came riding into town early-birds Saturday morning, for an intense two days of sharing, nourishing, support and goal-setting at the arthouse.

We are three gorgeous, talented women from the Philippines, Italy and Scotland, via Rome and Guardia Sanframondi, who met via Marie Forleo’s B-School last year. We’ve been speaking weekly on Skype, and occasionally meeting in the flesh, get into the nitty-gritty of our successes and challenges.

Everyone does some kind of ‘masterminding’ in their life and work, even if we don’t call it that: be it an after work glass of vino with the girls, or a bothy trip up the coast with the lads; we get together with a small group of individuals, to thrash out all that’s going on in our lives, and to help each other find solutions.

Creating a dedicated masterminding group, however, can make the difference between just-chugging-along, and making regular quantum leaps in your life!

Having regular masterminding sessions is a means of really shifting blocks… and here are 5 key reasons why I feel it is vital for a happy, creative, balanced lifestyle:


photo credit Kat Tan

1.Perspective: there is only so much internal dialogue one can do; even if you are maestro in introspection, one small point from an objective viewer might just blow your mind

2. Biodiversity: hearing others’ stories, experience, challenges, dreams, can lift us out of any small-mindedness; being there for someone else, even in a small way, can change their life… It can give you even more purpose, humility and understanding about all of our brilliant uniqueness.

3. Recharging: our passion needs stimulation from the outside, no matter how autonomous we think we can be; in fact, the more self-sustaining we think we are, likely the more we need external stimulus! Sometimes a general dullness which has crept up on us slowly can be buffed to a shine by the enthusiastic presence of other human beings… especially by those with whom you are developing a deeper connection.


4. Mutually beneficial working links: extending our network even two-fold can double our contacts, resources and ideas; allowing others to brainstorm with us can bring us honed riches which we’d never have access to alone.

5. Entering the flow: we live in the age of the rising solopreneur; this brings with it a wealth of new challenges, not least of which is our inability to find our audience, ‘our people’. Sitting down methodically with a couple of other like-mindeds, helps us to see where we belong- how we fit into the whole; what our deepest purpose is. It’s easy ‘not to see the wood for the trees’ when we’re following a completely unique, possibly a pioneering path as an entrepreneur, so having others there can bring us back into the interconnectedness-of-all-things.


photo credit Bi Kunzli

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Kat and Bi, for their gracious presence in my life this week: it has lifted me out of a slightly funkful cul-de-sac, and given me crystal clear passionate clarity about my next steps – woohoo! – cannot wait for the next mastermind!


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Tante belle cose, Clare xx



Yet another potent example of magic in the everyday!

Having been lulled into a false sense of chaos, with a massive hole drilled through my thick medieval wall, dust filling the whole lower floor, and debris being scattered up and down the street, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, thinking back to the accumulated mess of the past 5 yrs, fixing up the house…


The second bathroom is underway – still difficult for me to see it finished, but my goodness me, am I glad I dived in at the deep-end, and decided to pay someone to help me. The hole in the wall alone took a full day, with a meter-and-a-half-long drill bit, plus lots of sweating and strain by a strong young man.


I was helping clear the rubble from the hole (where the out-tube just got laid – yippee!), and noticed how incredibly heavy even the small stones were – almost like the weight of metal. The large ones I could barely lift with two hands. I looked closer, and saw that many of them have huge thick seams of crystal and quartz! Big lumps of quartz, sitting around in the flower beds, where they’d been ejected from the tube hole!

This sent my mind whirring, about the strength in these walls – which have survived catastrophic earthquakes with just a few minor cracks… And the tangible energy of the place, which so many people pick up on, and talk about as the presence of the stones…

For anyone who is into crystal therapy, wow, that’s why people are so chilled out when they come and stay at the arthouse! I should advertise that as a feature of the guest room… I’m off to see if I can identify these various crystals, and to investigate their healing properties.

Tante belle cose, Clare xx
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Ancora un altro esempio potente della magica nel quotidiano!

Essendo stato cullati in un falso senso di caos, con un buco enorme perforato attraverso il mio spesso muro medievale, la polvere riempiendo l’intero piano inferiore, e detriti essedo disperse su e giù per la strada, mi sentivo un po’ sopraffatta, ripensando alla confusione accumulate degli ultimi 5 anni, aggiustando la casa…


Il secondo bagno è in corso – ancora difficile per me per vedere finito, ma mio Dio, sono contenta di aver iniziato, e che ho deciso di pagare qualcuno per aiutarmi. Il buco nel muro da solo ha preso una giornata intera, con un trapano con un punto-du-più-di-un-metro-e-mezzo, più un sacco di sudorazione e sforzo da parte di un giovane forte.


Stavo aiutando eliminare i detriti dal buco (dove il fuori-tubo appena stato posato – yippee!), e ho notato quanto sia incredibilmente pesanti anche le piccole pietre – quasi come il peso di metallo. I grandi riuscivo a malapena a sollevare con due mani. Ho guardato più vicino, e ho visto che molti di loro hanno enormi cuciture spesse di cristallo e quarzo! Grandi grumi di quarzo, seduti intorno le aiuole, dove erano stati espulsi dal tubo-buco!

Questo ha inviato la mia mente ronzante, sulla forza di queste pareti – che sono sopravvissuti i terremoti catastrofici con solo alcune crepe piccole… E l’energia tangibile del luogo, di che così tante persone sono ispirate e parlano come ‘la presenza di pietre’…

Per chi è interessato a cristalloterapia, wow, è per questo che le persone sono così rilassato quando arrivano e soggiorno al arthouse! Dovrei fare pubblicità quella come una caratteristica della camera … Vado a vedere se riesco a identificare questi vari cristalli, e per studiare le loro proprietà curative.

Tante belle cose, Clare xx


I lived much of my late childhood and right through to my mid 30s with depression. I didn’t realise, until I was free of it, how serious it had been- it simply seemed like a normal part of my everyday; a weight I didn’t realise I was carrying until I put it down, and felt infinitely lighter.

cheeky angry clever jpg

I’m writing my Live Like A Happy Artist book series, in part, as a way of sharing how I escaped my ill health, and became so free, happy, fulfilled.

But I want to talk about depression, because a) it seems so prevalent, b) many people think they are coping fine with it, but don’t realise how it is negatively impacting on their lives, c) the conventional ‘solution’ is to medicate, which pushes the underlying issues even deeper inside us, making the problem worse.

stonegirl (under forgiveness)

One key to my transforming my depression was giving it a name and identity: finding the right metaphor for it. I thought of my own depression as The Beast – a wild animal – a part of me, my potent vitality, perhaps, which had been inappropriately cornered, contained, prevented from thriving in its proper environment.

This Beast was mine though; part of my psyche and emotional identity; even a physical part of my being – a raw, angry part of myself who, as a child, had never been allowed to say what she really felt, nor to speak out about wrongs which had been done to her.

woman with dog

I believe passionately that another key to our opening our creative flow, is our finding a harmonious relationship with our ‘Beast’; making sure it isn’t caged, malnourished, put into a circus, e.g. A core part of our creative path is knowing our wild, fierce, deepest power, and riding with it, under the moonlight…

I’ll be writing a lot more on this subject in the Live Like A Happy Artist books. Book 1 is already out: the COLOUR THE WORLD!  colouring book for big people. Book 2 MAKING SPACE TO MAKE is being created right now.

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Ho vissuto gran parte della mia tarda infanzia e fino alla mia metà anni ’30 con la depressione.

Non avevo capito, fino a quando ero libero di esso, quanto grave fosse stato – sembrava semplicemente come una parte normale della mia quotidiana; un peso non mi rendevo conto che stavo portando fino a quando ho messo giù, e mi sentivo infinitamente più leggero.

cheeky angry clever jpg

Sto scrivendo la mia serie di libri Live Like A Happy Artist (solo in inglese per adesso), in parte, come un modo per condividere come sono scappata dalla mia malattia, e sono diventato così libera, felice, soddisfatta.

Ma ho voluto parlare di depressione, perché a) sembra così diffuso, b) molte persone pensano che stanno affrontando bene con esso, ma non si rendono conto di come esso ha un impatto negativo sulle loro vite, c) la ‘soluzione’ convenzionale e di medicare, che spinge i problemi sottostanti ancora più profondo dentro di noi, rendendo il problema peggiore.

stonegirl (under forgiveness)

Una chiave per il mio trasformando la mia depressione era dandogli un nome e un’identità: trovando la metafora giusta per esso. Ho pensato a mia depressione come La Bestia – un animale selvaggio – una parte di me, il mio potente vitalità, forse, che era stato impropriamente messo con le spalle al muro, contenuta, impedito di fiorendo nel suo ambiente adeguato.

Questa bestia era la mia però; parte della mia psiche e identità emotiva; anche una parte fisica del mio essere – una cruda parte arrabbiata di me che, da bambino, non era mai stato permesso di dire ciò che realmente sentiva, né parlare di errori che erano state fatte a lei.

woman with dog

Io credo fermamente che un’altra chiave per la nostra apertura dello flusso creativo, è la nostra ricerca di un rapporto armonico con la nostra ‘Bestia’; facendo attenzione che non è in gabbia, malnutriti, messo in un circo, per esempio. Una parte fondamentale del nostro percorso creativo, è per sapere che la nostra potere profondo, selvaggia e feroce, e per cavalcando con esso, sotto la luce della luna…

Scriverò molto di più su questo argomento nei libri Live Like A Happy Artist. Libro 1 è già pubblicato: COLOUR THE WORLD! libro da colorare per persone grandi. Libro 2 FARE SPAZIO PER FARE viene creata in questo momento.

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I am not so comfortable on the camera -yet! Here I am though, pretending to be totally confident: fake it ’til you make it!

As I mentioned last week: I am going to bite the bullet, and do more videos on my blog and website – this means a steep learning curve, so thank you for bearing with me – and thank you for your feedback, it helps guide me forwards.

I highly recommend regularly sitting down, writing out a list of things that you want to do, but are not quite ever getting around to… Continue reading


When was the last time you did some colouring in?

And why do you think you ever stopped?

My new colouring book COLOUR THE WORLD! is now on sale!

It asks these very questions, and challenges you to go and and do some colouring-in right now! 

10 10_2

There are so many things which get in the way of our taking proper, nourishing creative time for ourselves; from time limits and infinite other ‘more important’ tasks, to more passive distractions like TV and internet.

But what is so important about being creative, is the potent stimulation of hand-mind-imagination, which only comes from being deeply immersed in a creative act: everyone who gardens, goes fishing, walks in the mountains, or takes up a pencil, will tell you about it.


As I refer to in COLOUR THE WORLD, working with colour in this way is a powerful metaphor for bringing colour into our everyday. Our choice of colour, and our pouring of it onto white paper, literally brings power and bright therapy right into our life: the drawings I use in my book are based on landscapes in Scotland and Italy, and I love this idea of bringing colour into the landscape, as if you were actually colouring in your world.

vedi giu, è in italiano

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vedi giu in italiano

I came across it at practically every exhibition I ever had; it was the first thing folks said to me, like a disclaimer, before expressing a view on any painting.

“I don’t know anything about art, but…”

“I’m not creative at all, but…”

And these confessions were invariably accompanied by mild shame.

Folks seemed embarrassed by some unworthiness to pass comment on art and/ or the creative process – the latter being perceived as a magical-mystical skill and the exclusive realm of the fine artist.

It’s no small thing, and it comes up again and again; this tendency to confess inferiority prior to speaking their (now watered down) truth.

It might seem like a very minor neurosis, but to me (as a working artist having spent 41½ yrs delving deeper and deeper into the creative process) it appears more like a compounded symptom of disconnect from the divine.



This might all sound rather dramatic at first, but understanding how we have been literally brainwashed out of our inherent spirituality, is a key factor in unlocking many of our cultural and societal ills.

What our feeling “I’m not creative” really means is:

• our spontaneous activity in the everyday is completely interfered with

• from a young age we’re taught to always doubt our intuition

• we’re brainwashed into believing that logic should always over-ride feelings

• we’re encouraged to have significant shame about our own emotions

• we’re conditioned into having only specific feelings, because they can be monetised

• our shame is also monetised

It effectively means that all of our problems and choices in all the situations we come across in our lives, are interrupted with in one way or another: instead of seeking spontaneous solutions with what we find around us –and our own ingenuity, we automatically think of a transaction we need to make, which would give us a neat manufactured remedy for the issue.

Again, this might all sound rather over-the-top (in a world where it is entirely acceptable to be stiff and closed energetically, aggressive and controlling psychologically, and/ or über-neurotic), but if you look behind the thin veneer of social orderliness, you can see a contrasting alternative reality, glaring back.

If we don’t step outside of the collective ‘norm’, we tend not to challenge this reality. But if you don’t know something is broken, you wouldn’t assume to fix it, eh?


I’m excited to be working on the first books in the LIVE LIKE A HAPPY ARTIST series right now: they aim to open peoples’ eyes to the sacred everyday – and the many ways in nwhich we can unblock our creative potency.

The series begins with simple colouring-in and mark-making books, and will build up to more powerful transformational projects.


I’m particularly looking forward to the doll-making one, as I have a passionate interest in how we can both understand our relationship with our body by drawing it intuitively, and how we can change ourselves by hand-making bodies which are metaphors for how we want to live!

Looking forward to sharing it all with you!

                                            Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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Ho trovato in quasi ogni mostra ho mai fatto; era la prima cosa le gente mi hanno detto, come una rinuncia, prima d’esprimere un opinione su d’un quadro.

“Io conosco niente in rispetto l’arte, ma…”

“Io assolutamente non sono creative, ma…”

Queste confessione stanno quasi sempre accompagnata con una tipa di lieve vergogna.

Le gente sembravano sempre imbarazzate, d’un tale indegnità per commentare sull’arte e/ o il processo creativo – quest’ultimo essendo percepito come un abilità magica e mistica, ed il regno esclusivo degli artisti.

Non è una piccola cosa, e succederà ripetutamente; questa tendenza di confessare, prima d’esprimere loro (adesso diluita) verità.

Può sembrare una nevrosi minore, ma per me (come un artista molto attiva, con 41½ anni d’esperienza zampando più e più profondo nel processo creative) sembra più come un sintomo aggravato di sconnessione dal divino.

quando siamo detto


Al inizio, può sembrare un po’ drammatica, ma comprendo come siamo stati praticamente lavato del cervello per perdere nostro spiritualità innata, è uno fattore chiave nel sbloccando di tante nostri problemi – sia sociale e culturale.

Ma nostro sentimento “Io non sono creative” significa in realtà:

• nostra attività nella quotidiana e completamente interferito

• d’un età infantile, siamo insegnato di avere dubbio su di nostri intuizioni

siamo lavati del cervelli, per credere che il logico dev’essere sempre in controllo degli sentimenti

• siamo incoraggiati per avere vergogno assai di nostri emozioni

siamo condizionate per avere solo emozioni particolari, perché possono essere monetizzate

nostro vergogno è anche monetizzato

In realtà, questa significa che tutti nostri problemi e scelte, in tutti i situazioni dove arriviamo in nostre vite, sono interrotto in qualche modo; invece di cercare per soluzioni spontaneamente, con c’io che troviamo vicino – e nostro ingenuità, pensiamo automaticamente d’un transazione dobbiamo fare, che può risolvere la problema in una moda molto pulito e distaccato.

Ancora, questa può sentire proprio esagerata (in un mondo dove è completamente accettabile per essere molto rigido e chiuso energeticamente, aggressivo e controllando psicologicamente, anche/ o sia super-nevrotico), ma se si vedi dietro il velo sottili di ordine sociale, puoi vedere una realtà alternative, che contrasta molto.

Se non scapiamo un po’ della ‘norma’ collettiva, abbiamo la tendenza di non avere interessa per cambiare niente. Ma se non sai una cosa è rotto, non pensati per risolvere, no?


Sono emozionante per essere lavorando su i primi libri nella serie VIVERE COME UN ARTISTA FELICE in questo momento: i libri aspirano per aprire le occhi delle gente per vedere il sacro nel ogni giorno –  è per le tante mode in cui possiamo sbloccare nostra potenziale creative.

La serie inizia con semplice libri per colorare e disegnare, e sviluppano fino libri su progetti più potente nel senso di trasformazione creative.


In particolare, non vedo l’ora di fare questo su facendo bambole, perche ho un interessa passionata su come possiamo sapere nostro rapporto col corpo, quando facciamo disegni in una moda intuitiva. E’ come cambiamo per il meglio, quando facciamo a mano simboli dei corpi, che sono metafore per come vogliamo vivere!

Sono impazienta di condividere tutto con te!

                                            Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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It has been an extraordinary fortnight of near-continual socialising! New friends, returning guests, folks here to buy a house, or to sign final papers for one, or just to enjoy the blossoming energy in Guardia Sanframondi. An unprecedented quantity of international Guardiesi, all partying and getting to know each other, laughing and making merry – deliziosa!

È stata una quindicina di giorni straordinaria, di socializzazione quasi costante! Nuovi amici, il ritorno degli ospiti, gente qui per comprare una casa, o per firmare i documenti finali per una casa, o anche solo per godersi l’energia in fiore a Guardia Sanframondi. Una quantità senza precedenti di Guardiesi internazionale, tutti loro festeggiando e facendo la conoscenza l’un l’altro, ridendo e facendo allegro deliziosa!


And the spring is exploding in beauty and colour – truly, I have never seen it so delicious – my eyes are feasting, and it feels like I’m being nourished in all parts of my self, just by being here, within this rich landscape.

E la primavera sta esplodendo in bellezza e colore in verità, non ho mai visto così delizioso i miei occhi sono banchettando, e ci si sente come se fossi nutrito in ogni parte di mi stesso, appena essendo qui, entro questo ricco paesaggio.


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