The FIRST EDITION of the School of Real Art is a straightforward, thorough and learn-at-your-own-pace series of courses: 

Over 70 lessons, worksheets and podcasts – a stupendous art-rejuvenating resource that you can dip into at any point when you need some fire in your creative engine.

Proper art guidance from someone who’s been there and thrived!

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The SORA First Edition – course outline:


The ‘art world’ has been creating an elaborate mythology about creativity for fricking centuries: patriarchy, materialism, profound cynicism, negativity and cultural hierarchy have all become deeply normalised for us all.

This might sound like boring old controversial rhetoric, but it directly affects how your art is viewed by other people. And it also means that there’s a great biodiversity of blocking and atrophy, fears and doubts around our own right to be creatively free – and to know art.

In this second intro series to the RSOA, I pull away some of the biggest veils which keep us from embracing our unique potentials.

10 lectures and worksheets

  1. Art critiscim
  2. ‘I can’t do it!’
  3. The diminished feminine
  4. Art = chaos lies
  5. ‘I don’t have time for art’
  6. Art degrees
  7. Suffering for our art
  8. Having to be an exhibitionist
  9. Privilege?
  10. Multi-tasking


This set of lessons goes over the essential shit that no-one tells you about in art school; how to arrange your space and time, your energy and inner resources. This will help immeasurably in getting over all that initial turmoil which stops folks even beginning on an art path.

13 lessons and worksheets

  1. Child’s play
  2. Responsibility
  3. Starting small
  4. Organisation
  5. Growing confidence
  6. Ego and the death of creative flow
  7. The physical space
  8. Working to a budget
  9. Ritual and domestic alchemy
  10. Making a space special and sacred
  11. Being realistic
  12. Working through resistance
  13. Keeping open


You’re keen to begin more seriously with your art practise, and you feel like it should be easy, that you should just get on and create loads of authentic art… but then practical stuff gets in the way, and the doubts about your ability start to rise up like flames, burning away at your confidence. You wish you could just get on with the art!So this section is about how we do precisely that: focus on this strong foundation of drawing and observational skills, and you’ll soon have a clear vision in front of you, instead of a cloudy fear-fest.

16 lessons and worksheets

  1. line – worksheet on line drawing
  2. shape and shading
  3. layering
  4. distance
  5. texture and detail
  6. outside painting
  7. painting what you love versus what you hate
  8. brainstorm-eyestorm
  9. brands
  10. brushes
  11. aprons
  12. mixing palettes
  13. thinners
  14. hard surfaces
  15. less-hard surfaces
  16. found materials and experimenting


Being an artist means taking each challenge head-on, and coming out thriving. Easier said than done: unless you’re being guided by The SORA! This series of lessons goes into the various kinds of healthy approach to get us into a strong creative flow; it gives you a ton of insight into the practicalities and the emotions of beginning to work seriously as an artist.

13 lessons and worksheets

  1. confidence
  2. allowing chaos to reign
  3. reining-in chaos
  4. more formal approaches
  5. practise by doing
  6. layering
  7. detail
  8. drying oil paint
  9. research
  10. scale
  11. how much should I paint on this?
  12. re-painting an old painting
  13. copying  – but only for learning


With a strong personal strategy, and methodical, gentle discipline, you’ll be unstoppable – but without it, many creative folks flounder getting a sustainable practise afloat. This term is all about the real resistance which comes up when we engage more deeply with our self-expression and inner world. Here are a series of simple strategies in tackling inner and outer negativity, and keeping a high energy in your art.

13 lessons and worksheets

  1. self-doubt
  2. distractions
  3. internal negativity
  4. external negativity
  5. emergence-y
  6. being totally unique
  7. wilderness, silence, solitude
  8. waking up!
  9. right season
  10. mess
  11. mistakes and finishing things imperfectly
  12. clearing out stagnancy
  13. knowing what skills you need to improve


Don’t run out of steam early on: learn how to harvest energy and enthusiasm! Leading on from the last series, this term five guides you to take the world head-on as you begin to show and sell your work. It will help you avoid a ton of rooky mistakes, and so to begin spiralling upwards into your artistic potential in the world.

12 lessons and worksheets

  1. family and friends
  2. peers
  3. galleries and institutions
  4. press and professionals
  5. food
  6. exposure to visual nourishment
  7. deeper, soul stimulation
  8. professional napping
  9. finishing off a painting
  10. storing artwork, and pitfalls
  11. finding place and purpose in the world
  12. shipping, returns, etc

The SORA podcast series 1 – the deep feminine, art & money

These podcasts talk about the mystery of money, and our benign, intuitive creative power.

We intuitive creatives (often women) have an inherent purpose and passion which is meant to be shared with the world… we think positively and act pro-actively in our art career… and yet we seem still to be stuck in a non-dynamic circling-around on this level which we KNOW does not reflect our incredible artistic vision.

These talks go into why that might be, and what we might be able to do about it.

A series of 10 podcasts, each around 10 – 15 mins long. The podcast series are also available as stand-alone purchases. This one includes a bonus guided meditation. You can buy this separately from the whole course – see Teachable.