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As with my studio practise, I have a very particolare approach to my writing: it seems to come in spontaneous, seasonal, tsunami-ish flows of inspiration, and in the past that has been difficult to find a container for.

I’ve been working in fact for several years to bring the words into a form that can be useful in the world: my writing and ideas come with a force of conviction that feels other-worldly – like it has to be put out there, and to help create positive change. I have the deepest want to do the most that I can in this lifetime to liberate human consciousness into the genius creative flow that we’re meant to all happily inhabit!

What I’m thinking-feeling has always felt so important and compelling, and yet it took a few decades for me to find context for my channelling. It has become clear in recent years, that my work is part of the awakening feminine, and also that it is intimately entwined with the spiritual awakening of Scotland and the Scottish people, whose independence is something profoundly connected with the awakening of heart and psychic consciousness in the world.

The Scottish psyche (and oppressed cultural-spiritual consciousness) has an element of fae and wildness, of solitude and being at home in wilderness, which makes us excellent pioneer spirits in the current global awakening and transformation. I feel that there is something profoundly important about our (Scottish) wild innocence, our individual and collective extra-sensory consciousness; something is waking up in our young people, as much as it is in our politics, that was simply asleep, underground, dormant like winter, these past centuries.

I feel it waking in me too – Scottish visionary artist woman in Italy: something to do with wild feminine and our ability to destroy untruth and speak a voice so clear that can wipe all the smoke and mirrors of the face of our collective brainwashing.

The world is also opening to the interconnectedness of such thoughts and feelings as my work contains, so people like myself, who are highly sentient and have visionary perception of reality, can start being more visible and heard.

And so, currently I’m working on two book series: REGNA Books – you can see the books now on BLURB by clicking on their front cover images, below. This series is based on the theme of the awakening sacred (or deep) feminine – the awakening of women to their individual and collective power – and how that power is bringing peace and harmony to the world. 

land, prayer book header

regna front cover.jpg

The word ‘regna’ means ‘it reigns’ in Italian, but I am using it in this series, and in the above book (my first published in italiano) to mean ‘queendom’ – in relation to the word regno, which means kingdom. It’s a comment on the fact that women get written out of history, and excluded from power, being simply being omitted: this is a way of reclaiming a word, and bringing in focus to female energy and purpose, in a new way, which I hope will open minds.

The sovereignty of women has been a core theme of my artwork all these past years, and I’m only now understanding the full scale of what that means – and what the paintings mean, in relation to our current planetary awakening and transformation. This is the heart of my practise, and I am deeply thrilled and inspired to be creating these bridges.

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The second series is the collection of Live Like A Happy Artist books: a methodical approach to creative expansion from the very basics – colouring in – right up to how to run a successful business as a working artist. The LLAHA series runs alongside my online Real School of Art.product_thumbnailCOLOUR THE WORLD!

is a colouring book based on my landscape paintings



this is a colour-work-book about our relationship with our body




– a book about how we find our perfect creative space – the inner and outer facilities necessary to happy artistic expansion. The book has a load of exercises and challenges to bring you out of any creative stagnancy and into a thriving art workspace. Good for beginners and anyone who needs a fresh perspective on their art.

MSTM will be published in early 2018





“Heard about Guardia Sanframondi and want to visit, but feel like it’s a leap in the dark? Would you prefer to arrive here with a good rounded knowledge of the place?

Thinking about living here, and want to know what it’s really like, year round? Want the real low-down, from someone who’s been here long enough to know the town intimately?

Guardia Sanframondi is a gem of a town which is rapidly gaining international attention, as the spiralling-upwards effect set off by a famous TV show continues to grow.

Here’s the town in all its grit and nuance, by the very protagonist who set off the Guardia Renaissance movement – and who holds the Keys To The City!

Get the best tips on how to navigate the culture, language, climate, quirks and joys of this magical town, by reading this essential behind-the-scenes guide.”


FEB 2014 final pages chronology


What Pumpkins Dream is a very special children’s book, recounting the story of a pumpkin who wants to change his own destiny – how can he get watermelons to take the rap at Hallowe’en, and free the pumpkins?! His dreams guide him to look within, and as the year progresses, he starts to see what the deep meaning is behind his existence…

It’s a truly beautiful book, full of colour, depth and meaning, and inspiring us to look at the cycle of life in a positive light.